Trees: ink, light and feeling

Feeling the trees with ink and light. Brushes and skewers, are used lightly softly. The black ink diluted in many tones, plays upon the dampened paper.       Trees in Ink   You never know, just what may come about, what may emerge. A surprise each time.   Many surprises are wonderful. And manyContinue reading “Trees: ink, light and feeling”

Inking Up in October

Inks on trend…. not that I  ever ‘do what I’m told, or supposed to do.’ But,  I am in the process of “inking up.”       That’s the start of the process.     Materials for Inking Up   I can’t help but love all my gorgeous papers, inks and brushes and stones. They’reContinue reading “Inking Up in October”

Audacious Color in the Hills

Bold, yet harmonious in its own way. Filled with colors, flecks and splatters. Filled with so many imperfections.         Watercolor Impressions   I like it, full of those flaws. Its real. It has Character.     And definitely has its own vibe to it. A rough and bold feeling. These hills don’tContinue reading “Audacious Color in the Hills”

Cobalt Teal Blue – Entwined

Cobalt teal blue paired with its complement of warm red-orange in those entwining imperfect, spheres. Acrylics. Simple Square Format. Pure wabi sabi. Wondering, What I am talking about?  I’ll explain!                     Painting…. Choices   What Could we learn, from this featured image?       wabiContinue reading “Cobalt Teal Blue – Entwined”

What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)

Testing…. test strips for Watercolor. What’s in it for you? The relevance, the value, The Benefits of having a Test Strip at the ready every time you paint. It may not sound like fun at first but it certainly can be.     Watercolor Mixing and Testing     Learning Points about Test Strips   Continue reading “What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)”

In Golden Ambers and Topaz

Such brilliant colors, my words will certainly fail to do justice. The yellow gold raining down as I looked into the branches – captured me. And it was so easy to become lost within the cascade of golden ambers, citrine and topaz.     Finding Gold   The man watched. Surreptitiously. I stood beneath hisContinue reading “In Golden Ambers and Topaz”

Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Time was a definite factor in this Impressionist Seascape in Acrylics. Yesterday’s post, Sea Sensations inspired me and I really couldn’t forego art altogether. I decided regardless of time issues,  I would paint Something! I didn’t get my oils out,  nor that massive roll of  lovely linen canvas. However, I did take a quick 10 minutes toContinue reading “Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics”