Simplicity in Mark Making

What do I mean mark making?  It is a term that indicates the types and variations of brush strokes, drawing lines, gouge marks….. really, any visual evidence of your hand or tools upon the canvas or the paper. “Snowfields” is  featured once again, as it really does tick all the boxes for ‘mark making.’ TheContinue reading “Simplicity in Mark Making”

Watercolour Painting Gordonia Blossom

The lovely Gordonia Axillaris is an evergreen tree with a funny nickname “fried egg” plant!  When its blossoms fall, they drop around the tree face up leaving the golden orange yellow centre popping out in the middle of the frilly white petals. Looking like dozens of fried eggs. The Gordonia belongs to the Theaceae  ‘teaContinue reading “Watercolour Painting Gordonia Blossom”

Snail Nestled In Fallen Leaves

I love leaves. All sorts of leaves –  scarlet, yellow spring green, fallen leaves, skeleton leaves.  I do not like snails! Yet here I am featuring a snail in my art post. How did this happen? I was in my garden having a quiet morning amble,  a little zen,  yoga, relaxation, enjoying  the refreshing coolContinue reading “Snail Nestled In Fallen Leaves”

Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase

One of my favourite vases caught my eye today. Its deep indigo, ultramarine, cobalt teal, yellow green seemed to call out to me to look, to pay attention. The vase had been tucked away behind many of my art supplies for a number of months, but today I saw it with new eyes. As IContinue reading “Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase”

Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism

Zen of Art. How to tame the Dragon called Perfectionism? In search of perfection.  A tantalising empty promise. An Illusion. “How Good” does my art have to be, before I’m satisfied?  When will I be content and not frustrated?    What does it actually take?  And hey! why should I bother thinking about this anyway?!Continue reading “Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism”

Textures and Patterns in Nature: Photography

Photographs of simple common subjects with intriguing textures and patterns often create stunning images that capture the artist’s and the viewers’ eyes.  Fallen Leaf photograph taken in Canning Vale, WA has great Soft edges in the background which creates recession in the photo, whereas the sharp detailed textures and patterns in the foreground  bring itContinue reading “Textures and Patterns in Nature: Photography”

Expanding Your Artistic Vision

Who couldn’t do with a little bit of fresh, new artistic vision to invigorate their creative side? Sometimes its risky. Going out into an unfamiliar area and not feeling in control is not always the most beckoning of ideas.  But that is exactly what I need to do to bring out more of my ownContinue reading “Expanding Your Artistic Vision”