Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.”

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”    Claude Monet   A marvelous and inspiring quote from Claude Monet, that had me reflecting one afternoon as I was sitting by the water. As the sun played upon the surface, 1000’sContinue reading “Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.””

Viridian and Ultramarine Shadow Landscape

Shadows Across The Land,   can you Imagine… As the sun sets behind the darkened wall, Night looms. But for a second still….  the glimmers of iridescent viridian and ultramarine can yet be seen.  Quake not, that night falls.  Slumber we all and immortal we be not. Viridian Green  PG18 Viridian got its name fromContinue reading “Viridian and Ultramarine Shadow Landscape”

Fred Williams Australian master painter

I fell in love with Fred Williams long ago in Sydney. A close friend introduced us in an art gallery. Nothing has deterred my love of Fred, not his being deceased nor my being married,  What an artist! Often I think if I could just paint like Fred, or go where he went, or…. getContinue reading “Fred Williams Australian master painter”