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Vincent Van Gogh: Where Flowers Grow

Vincent Van Gogh: Where Flowers Grow

Vincent Van Gogh

“Normality is a Paved road,  It is Comfortable to walk on;

But no flowers grow on it.”



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Where DO flowers grow?

In what places and conditions will I find my ‘flowers?’


(The photo above in violets and Greens,  was taken from     Floral Motifs,  an arrangement long past its retirement date, yet still gave me Beauty.)




A Journey Back….

Years ago,  David Taylor  A.W.I.  International watercolorist,  was holding a week long painting seminar in upper Hunter Valley, Australia. It was extremely popular.  In other words,  it was like Waikiki beach in peak tourist season.


Everyone vying for the exact same patch of hard beaten turf –  to watch, to paint, to listen. Madness!


When it was time to paint the scenic valley and hills, there was no room left for me to edge in and claim a painting spot.


So, I packed up.

Hiked up the cliffs to the top of the knoll. There I found a grand view overlooking the entire area.

I found my flowers up there.

It was certainly well worth all that effort.

David was smiling as I recall.

He liked that I took the initiative to move. To exert more effort and go look for myself to see what would suit me.   And  I remember that I was encouraged by his nod and smile.






Creative Enthusiasm!

To get the most out of my art  I  decided not to take the Comfortable road,  the easy way.

If I really was that hungry for art and painting improvements.  I’d go up the mountain. Or down the valley.


It takes Enthusiasm to  exert some effort.

It takes Enthusiasm To get off the beaten track and hike some crazy rabbit’s path all the way through the valley.

…..But,  then you stumble upon a place filled with the beauty of flowers.




Thank you,      Vincent Van Gogh.

It is true,  “flowers”  do not grow on top of paved concrete.





The Masters of Art

are always a wonderful way to relax, learn and soak in their passion for their art.

David Taylor 

B.E. Minns 

John Olsen 

Fred Williams 

Dale Chihuly 



A Wonderful Book  to explore

Delacroix to Klee – Fabulous art book




Other  favorite artists    I’d  like to  Share  


These are wonderful and brilliant artists that I have found to be very inspiring.  I’ve learned a Lot,  from reading online about each one of these artists……


Edward Seago;  Clarice Beckett;  Tony Smibert;  Georgia O’Keefe;   Blamire Young;  John Singer Sargent;   JW Turner;   Klimt:  Miro;  Rembrant;  Pisarro;    Corot


They all have lovely flowers ….. to share!

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