Wednesday Watercolors – Zen

Zen.  The brushstrokes filled with rich pure color slid across the paper’s surface with beautiful intent and purpose.  Each stroke a calm, measured, purposeful action.   Zen of Watercolor     The rich, rich blues were created with french ultramarine, melting cad red light and snippets of cobalt teal blue. Normally,  I don’t advocate cadContinue reading “Wednesday Watercolors – Zen”

Igniting the Fires of Creativity: art workshops

Igniting the fires of the imagination is a subject close to my heart.  I firmly believe we all have been given a form of creativity,  though as the years progress, for many of us,  it may have gone into hiding.  This post features several students’  imaginative and original art pieces created in class.   ItsContinue reading “Igniting the Fires of Creativity: art workshops”