Forest Morning Haze, watercolor

Impressionist, with nearly all soft and loose edges…. just like the morning haze. So long ago.     Forest Morning Haze This quick, loose watercolor study was painted from sheer memory. Done in under 10 minutes, there was no laboring or fussing about. Just expressing that time –  keeping it simple.   I no longerContinue reading “Forest Morning Haze, watercolor”

You Pretty Thing, You!

Pretty things, these pea blossoms. They weren’t mine. Once again, I’ve taken the shots from my neighbor’s garden while on a zen stroll.       Pretty Does the Garden Grow Its fabulous to go round the neighborhood and see what pretty things grow.   I meet some really lovely people. As I ….edge closerContinue reading “You Pretty Thing, You!”

Sea Sirens – Ultramarine and Cobalt Teal Blue

I’ve been lured. By the sirens of the sea. Glorious deep ultramarine blue with a whisper of violet you have to know is there to really see. And then,  there is my magnificent so enticing,  cobalt teal blue. I’ve been to the sea. The Indian Ocean, and she wants me again.         iContinue reading “Sea Sirens – Ultramarine and Cobalt Teal Blue”

7 Fresh Faces (yellow flowers)

You know, at first glance,  I just might think …. “oh, …. more yellow flowers.” Well perhaps,  you do too!   But what IF, the Faces were something beyond the ordinary? Beyond the standard, the traditional and the conventional shots?  Would that pique my interest? Most definitely. I’m in! 7 Flower Faces I received a gorgeousContinue reading “7 Fresh Faces (yellow flowers)”

Skies Above

Very Simple… in design.  Full of Atmosphere and dialogue. I find it calming, serene and relaxing to look upon. Relaxing. With just the merest hint of energy in the deep waters, to prevent any boredom from setting in.     Skies Above I wonder.  If more of us painted, more of us drew, more of usContinue reading “Skies Above”

Zen Leaves and Shadows

I took a Zen Stroll in the early morning air. My  first in several long weeks, it was wonderful. The morning air was pleasant. Relaxing. Summer is ending in Perth at last…. and I’m anticipating the glorious delights of getting to go outdoors for my Zen Strolls.   I wonder,  what awaits…..   I can’t beContinue reading “Zen Leaves and Shadows”


It started with that post from last week. You know, that one about “Control.” Then things progressed. As they often do when it comes to me and art!       Light Within, watercolors Turquoise and gold shimmers with  beautiful white light from within. This image lets the imagination run free. The wild and free,Continue reading “Light”