Relax, Have Fun Painting

Do you find when you get your drawing and painting supplies out, you then start to tense up? Do you notice that the more you fiddle, struggle and try to ‘get it just right’ – the more work it needs?! Relax.   Surround yourself with serene calming subjects and scenes.   Avoid clutter and overload,Continue reading “Relax, Have Fun Painting”

Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Watercolour Beginners need good,  solid logical step by step, help and tips in getting started.  What can I suggest?   First of all,  a logical sequential ordered Learning plan is called for. Haphard reading of art books presents a problem of chaos for the watercolour beginner. In chaos most of us do not learn as easily.  AndContinue reading “Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started”

Cool Ocean Turquoise

Inspired by our trip to Esperance W.A.  I loved how the ocean colours changed from frosted mint green foam, to deep turquoise, ultramarine, silvery grey and shimmering lavender. It was fascinating. The area beaches are breathtaking in the rain, clouds and bright sun, amazing and definitely an Australia highlight for artists, sketchers, backpackers, photographers.  Continue reading “Cool Ocean Turquoise”