10 Great Tips: Paint Brushes for Watercolors

Brushes!  What a quandary. Watercolor brushes, which to choose?  How will the right Brush Help me? #worldwatercolormonth       I know that going into an art shop looking at all the brushes on display is overwhelming.   And especially so for beginners. I’ll share a few tips and secrets about watercolor brushes I’ve pickedContinue reading “10 Great Tips: Paint Brushes for Watercolors”

Simply, Watercolors

The simplicity of watercolors beckons.       one brush The Rekab 320s #2  performs this task, this technique with exquisite finesse.     one color Burnt Sienna, PBr7 creates the brilliance, the tonal nuances,  the clarity, the lack of mud that I delight in.     one skewer The tip of a skewer toContinue reading “Simply, Watercolors”