The Cat’s Meow…

She couldn’t resist him. That’s the way it goes around here. He cried, begged, whined. The little guy carried on for so long, finally our granddaughter had to do it.       He had his Santa hat on. The only cat I’ve ever had that enjoys dress up. That loves being carted around, heldContinue reading “The Cat’s Meow…”

Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs

Stunning scarlet red flowers create powerful and dramatic photographs with their fiery colour displays. ¬†Flame tree blossoms, poppies, roses and grevillia¬†provide lovely eye treats with their colours bursting into life full of red delicious warmth and vitality! Red is a powerhouse colour; strong, dominant, energetic, lively and full of heat. As I have mentioned inContinue reading “Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs”