My Love

A week filled with Love. Every post this week will focus on some aspect of this most miraculous of human emotions. Love:  It’s a Beautiful thing.       Love The Art of Caring for other human beings. Created living beings.   Love: it is, an art form of the highest achievement. Love builds upContinue reading “My Love”

Walking Down The Garden Path: filled with flowers

Irresistible….Like a Georgia O’Keefe painting, was my first thought on the scarlet poppy. The Flower Garden had so many colors!  Reds, fuschia, lime green,  rosy magenta.  Delicious. Delighting the eye. We (my daughter and I)  were off on another short zen stroll.  Hoping to find some treasures, hoping to find some peaceful moments. (Raising children isContinue reading “Walking Down The Garden Path: filled with flowers”

Love: we don’t need another gadget

The most enduring possession we have or could ask for: Love We don’t need another gadget.  Another cup. Another ‘thing.’ What most of us seriously – really need. Is Love.     Love Love is, compassion. And mercy and empathy. I often heard my father say to us, “Until you walk a mile in theirContinue reading “Love: we don’t need another gadget”

Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase

Minimal. Simplicity. My chosen words for the day.   Those words,  I feel suit my mood and the dialogue. Less. Is More.       Red Roses The flowers,  are portions –  from my fish shop’s wonderful rose bouquet of yesterday.   I have used  my photographs that I took at the shop.  I haveContinue reading “Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase”

Scarlet Love

Scarlet Love.  As winter is nearing its end I’m discovering a new love for scarlet red. I’m painting and photographing all things in warm scarlets and fiery reds more and more as the  weeks progress.  I am taking advantage of my “scarlet love”  while it lasts. Things will change in a few weeks.  Temperatures willContinue reading “Scarlet Love”

Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs

Stunning scarlet red flowers create powerful and dramatic photographs with their fiery colour displays.  Flame tree blossoms, poppies, roses and grevillia provide lovely eye treats with their colours bursting into life full of red delicious warmth and vitality! Red is a powerhouse colour; strong, dominant, energetic, lively and full of heat. As I have mentioned inContinue reading “Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs”