Autumn Aglow Impressionistic Landscape using Prussian Blue

Autumn Aglow Landscape is a mixed media painting that I’ve used Prussian Blue to create the tree foliage.   The painting was done in a loose, interpretative and impressionistic approach…no brushes!   My reference sources were from my recent walks and taking quite a few photographs of the autumn leaves, water reflections in the lateContinue reading “Autumn Aglow Impressionistic Landscape using Prussian Blue”

Prussian Blue Pb27 Colour Mixing Ideas

Prussian blue is a deep and mysterious blue paint that creates the most magnificent foliage greenery. I love its tonal ranges from a very dilute pale cool greeny blue to the full mass tone of near midnight blue black.       Prussian Blue This blue paint was created by accident around 1706 by aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 Colour Mixing Ideas”

Flower Blossom Colour Study

A simple, yet effective flower study using a new triad of colours in a fun combination. Quinacridone Sienna PO49, Prussian blue Pb27 and Raw Umber PBr7 created all these yellow golds, oranges and the blue greens.   I used a bare minimum of brushstrokes help to create a more compelling and clean image. One strokeContinue reading “Flower Blossom Colour Study”

Watercolour Landscape Fall Foliage

A lovely small watercolour landscape   using  just 3 colours – prussian blue, permanent brown, yellow green.  These created quite a great range of natural foliage greens, fiery reds, yellows – perfect for autumn colours.  Limited Palette I usually try to use just 3 – 4 colours in my paintings,  as this will help meContinue reading “Watercolour Landscape Fall Foliage”

5 Things To Know About Colour

Colour – Its all about colour!  Here’s  5  easy things that usually help me to get a better painting. It really doesn’t matter if  I’m painting in acrylics, oils, watercolours either! 1. Colour creates  the mood I choose the kind of mood and atmosphere I want, then  select the colours that will enhance and ‘setContinue reading “5 Things To Know About Colour”

Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)

Prussian Blue,  a deep midnight black blue.  Pairing it with cobalt teal blue is sheer paradise. It packs a punch when used in mass tone, it is so dark and powerful.  Prussian Blue pb27 is one of my staple blues for color mixing, especially for foliage.   The closest I can get to mixing aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)”

Insights into Drawing on the Imagination

Drawing on your imagination initially may present some challenges, but with practice it becomes second nature. i.e.  you learn as you go!   From this first image of the banksia,   I developed the concept of a circular form; deciding to pair up the golden amber with soft mossy greens. The next “springboard”  for myContinue reading “Insights into Drawing on the Imagination”

Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints

Creating your own unique recipes for color mixes… using your imagination as you blend new tones and shades together. It is so fun. And its not difficult. You don’t have to be a ‘paint manufacturer’ to do it either. You just need a few ingredients and of course the appropriate dust mask. Its a wonderfullyContinue reading “Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints”

Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up

Power house Prussian  blue and sensitive cerulean team up beautifully together in landscapes, still life or abstract paintings.  Lights and Darks contrast perfectly on the full sheet,  22 x 30 inch cotton rag watercolor paper.         Prussian Blue   Prussian blue pb27 is a very intense strong dark midnight blue with aContinue reading “Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up”