Watercolor Magnolias Techniques

Magnolia blooms in watercolor. Fresh and free. Suggesting, giving the impression, of being wild – growing on the tree branches.       Watercolor Magnolias – revisited This is an older watercolor painting of magnolias and leaves that I felt wasn’t quite right. It needed some ‘adjustments.’   Years ago I’d gathered my flower blossomsContinue reading “Watercolor Magnolias Techniques”

Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils

Semi Abstract oil painting, a coastal inlet in blues and greens.           Preparing the Surface The painting was done on a board that I’d previously gessoed. Then I hammered and scratched to distress the wood.  This left many areas where the gesso had been beaten so roughly it had come off.Continue reading “Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils”

The Challenge – Watercolors

Its a challenge, yes. But wouldn’t it be just a little bit boring without a challenge or two?! So far in my “Master Color” course we’ve been proceeding along in segments. It makes it easier. While I’m purposely creating this post for my Tuesday class, “MASTER COLOR”  don’t let that stop you from joining inContinue reading “The Challenge – Watercolors”

Forest Morning Haze, watercolor

Impressionist, with nearly all soft and loose edges…. just like the morning haze. So long ago.     Forest Morning Haze This quick, loose watercolor study was painted from sheer memory. Done in under 10 minutes, there was no laboring or fussing about. Just expressing that time –  keeping it simple.   I no longerContinue reading “Forest Morning Haze, watercolor”

Colorful Brushstrokes

Breaking the rules. With decisive,  powerful brushstrokes. Colorful brushstrokes.     A Bridge of Prussian Blue These two big sweeping strokes of Prussian blue unite the image.   The background was quite jarring, overly full of lively textures.  And, it was so warm. This is generally not in keeping with a balanced sense of harmonyContinue reading “Colorful Brushstrokes”

Enjoying Cobalt Teal Blue

It is a happy color,  Cobalt Teal Blue. Not in an over the top kind of way, but in the way that just makes you feel ….. content. I missed it.   It was time to get up, get busy,  and get out the CTB. Lets just see what it can do!     EnjoyingContinue reading “Enjoying Cobalt Teal Blue”

Color: With Naples Yellow

Naples Yellow is beautiful warm and balanced paint, created by Daniel Smith watercolors. I’ve decided after numerous purchases and experiments with other NY (Naples Yellow) colors that they were lacking in what I needed from my paints.  Clarity, mixability, lightfastness, consistency.   Color Mixing A brief review on some of the experiments I’ve done usingContinue reading “Color: With Naples Yellow”

Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe

When I paint, most of the enjoyment comes from creating new color blends. Its really not painting a scene, that most likely, a million others have done before. No.  Its the thrill of creating, by chance, inventing a blend that is Unique. That…. remains the most amazing thing for me.       Color –Continue reading “Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe”