Trees, in Color

Outdoors, fresh air. Wandering through the woods.  Its lovely out there!  Inspiring. I’ve combined two of my favorite things,  painting and nature….  trees.   Inspired As I mentioned in my last post, zen strolls,  I’ve been working. Creating. Inspired by the trees, in color.   Watercolor Charts Two Basic color charts in watercolor. Easy.  AndContinue reading “Trees, in Color”

Ink Falls…. Upon a Page

#Inktober simply can not pass by without my Taking time to allow,  Ink to Fall upon a page       Ink Sticks I thought some of you may be as intrigued with the different types of inks available as I am. So I’ve included this from Wiki.   From Wikipedia:  “There are many typesContinue reading “Ink Falls…. Upon a Page”