Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Time was a definite factor in this Impressionist Seascape in Acrylics. Yesterday’s post, Sea Sensations inspired me and I really couldn’t forego art altogether. I decided regardless of time issues,  I would paint Something! I didn’t get my oils out,  nor that massive roll of  lovely linen canvas. However, I did take a quick 10 minutes toContinue reading “Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics”

Sea…. sensations

The Sea.  She keeps replaying in my mind. On a loop. The Sea sensations.  The textures, the sounds, the feel, the colors.  The mood. I guess, its a thing.  I’m artistically enamoured, if you will. It began with a little mini holiday. To the Sea.         My camera and the 1000 shotsContinue reading “Sea…. sensations”

Playful and Fun: Mark Making

Palette Knife  fun combined with exploring the ipad camera functions. A great way to do a little art and do a little experimentation!     Fun Mark Making Paintings   First Image Acrylic Marks with a Palette Knife Materials: Palette Knife pk1008 Cartridge  paper   – non archival,  non acid free,  (this will deteriorate inContinue reading “Playful and Fun: Mark Making”

Easy, Watercolor Abstract Landscapes

These are easy landscapes that beginners love!  You have fun, its easy and its a wonderful way to create watercolor abstract landscapes. You get on a roll, and churn out several all in under 60 minutes!  Fast and addictive.     Abstract Watercolor Landscape Technique   squeeze fresh paint from selected 2 watercolor paints ontoContinue reading “Easy, Watercolor Abstract Landscapes”

Acrylics In Color!

Color – What fun!  Slathering Prussian and Cobalt Teal blues paints across the rough textured cotton canvas.       Acrylic Colors  Used Prussian Blue, Indanthrone Blue,  Cobalt Teal Blue,  Light Red, Naples Yellow, White I used Golden, Matisse and Winsor and Newton acrylics. The Indanthrone Blue was by Golden.  This is a magnificent rich blue of great depth.Continue reading “Acrylics In Color!”