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Little Bit of Sunshine

Little Bit of Sunshine

Loveliness and Sunshine!

expressing mood through color, mixed media floral paintings, colorful orange pink flower art, debiriley.com
Sunshine… in a flower



Painting Techniques and Materials



I used Saunders rough watercolor paper, dampened.

There were 7 sheets about 1/4 sheet and 1/8 sheet sizes lines up for me to use.

I need to paint quantity; production method in order for me to NOT fiddle and over work my paintings.

Thats what it takes, so thats what I do!




Rose madder genuine watercolor was washed on in 3-4 places, lightly.

Mainly, because I just like the Rose aroma that it releases, to be honest.


Acrylics were white, naples yellow, quinacridone rose, orange, crimson.


And lastly,

Indian red acrylic ink for final accent touches.




The tools used were: a palette knife pk1008,  a skewer, hake brush.

Plus,  my hand and finger to smudge and soften edges as needed.



Really, all I wanted to do, to convey was floral sunshine – happiness and cheerfulness.

That was, the target goal.


I enjoyed the movement, the freedom, the “lack of rigidity” this piece has.

So overall, I’m content.





I must say that of all the tools, brushes, etc. on the market to use to paint with,

the one I always return to with the most enthusiasm and excitement

is the wonderful Palette Knife PK1008


I seem to always be just a little bit sunnier, right after having the total freedom of using PK1008.


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The Sea … it is zen

The Sea … it is zen

The Sea



palette knife sea beach painting, cobalt teal blue pg50, prussian blue pb27, Daniel Smith paints, debiriley.com
The Sea, palette knife



The Sea

so inspiring

so zen





The Delightful … palette knife pk1008  

cobalt teal blue   Sea Sirens

palette knife paintings 




Beautiful Jade Emerald Greens in Oils

Beautiful Jade Emerald Greens in Oils

Lovely fun greens slathered on like butter. Swirls and dollops of emerald and jade colors rising in relief on the canvas.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Pure enjoyment of the process.

dollops of oil paint filled with texture, creating contrast in paintings, green oil paints, debiriley.com
Dollops of Paint, calm and busy


Textures in Oil Paints

No barn. No flower. No tree.

No, there’s nothing much to ‘see.’

That is, if I was inclined to be picky, critical.

But that’s not how I’m seeing these at all.




oil paints in greens, green abstract oil painting, jade emerald green oils, debiriley.com
Oil Paints in Beautiful Greens

Lively and Alluring

They’re lively.

So beautifully textural,  it makes me wish for a moment,  that I was a sculptor.


The freshness has a lure.

A pull to it that none of my oh so  labored, overworked and  “over finished”  paintings  will never have.


oil painting abstracts, palette knife with oils, limited palette color schemes, debiriley.com
The Horizon





Where it Began


Before I started, I’d looked through some of my past nature walks.

Zen Strolls.



zen in greens, sparking the imagination, oil abstract beginnings, debiriley.com
Its Zen, gorgeous greens

My eye kept returning to the reflection from the pond. With those gorgeous deep greens.


Thats how I started.

With a thought.  With a feeling.



A color in my mind that sparked creation.


photograph of water reflection abstraction, debiriley.com
Movement on the pond


Playful Rebellion

It is so important, to create.

To play. To explore.


To take the time to engage in the process without any preconceived needs.   

We all know that old saying,

“All Work, No play … makes Jack a very dull boy.”



Its so important that we don’t take an activity we’d  intended for our relaxation, then turn it into  A Work Project.

With timelines,  goals, deadlines, ‘good enough’ ratings,  etc.


Nearly all of us, do it, myself included!

If we think about it though,  we don’t do that same thing when we:  read a magazine, or watch a TV program, or go to a concert, play or movie.


I know we all have that tendency to turn Fun – into Work.

Its been ingrained over the years hasn’t it?


I choose to   not want to go that pathway.

Thats not the road I want to travel.

A bit of ‘rebellion’  if you will.



I’m not a full time rebel.

I rebel when….. I think about it.


Every zen stroll, Every art work…. is an act of peaceful rebellion.


So, my walks are peaceful, beauty filled,  zen strolls.

There is zero aerobics involved.

I get fresh air.

I’m creative,  filling the well.

I stroll about for 45 minutes. Sometimes more, others less.

It is so relaxing, even if its a mere 10 minutes.




oil painting abstract textures, palette knife with oils, mixing green paint colors in oils, debiriley.com
In Luscious Jade Greens, a hint of naples yellow



And my art is created as the mood and spirit moves me.

I’m not going to be pressured, or dictated to.




Its always more about expression and communication of feelings, than replication.

Recording, duplication just isn’t my thing. Thats me.

I’m certain, that the art could be more popular if they were more  Just Like the photograph. More realistic and less abstract.  And….Bigger.


But I don’t Create for reasons other than to simply express outwards, to communicate what I hear and see and sense in the world around me.

As I feel led to do, my own unique way.


That’s all anyone can really do, I think.

Tell it, like you see it. 

How you see it, is different;  

it is interesting.  To Us.    


green falls abstract painting in oils, debiriley.com
Green Falls, in oils


Artistic Authenticity

when I see your art,  or you see mine,

I want to see your tears as they fall, your dance of joy, your bursts of summer sunshine, your silence on the shores, your dark rage upon the paper,  I want to see the truth of your thoughts and emotions come tumbling out in color and textures and etched lines on that canvas.  I want to see for a micro-moment, a glimpse of that beauty that resides within your soul.


Will you do that?









Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Time was a definite factor in this Impressionist Seascape in Acrylics.

Yesterday’s post, Sea Sensations inspired me and I really couldn’t forego art altogether. I decided regardless of time issues,  I would paint Something!

I didn’t get my oils out,  nor that massive roll of  lovely linen canvas.

However, I did take a quick 10 minutes to paint up a storm. So to speak.

acrylic impressionist seascape painting, palette knife art, debiriley.com
Blue Skies and Sea


The Painting

We don’t always have 2 hours or half the day to play around with our paints. Don’t let that. Stop us!


I’ve learned to take the minutes….. and make each of them count.


Disregard all thoughts of the final outcome.  What I produce,  is in fact, immaterial.

To Paint  – is the relevant thing.

So I did.




Acrylic paints:  lots of white,  ultramarine blue, cerulean, a tiny dash of naples yellow.


The canvas was a medium small one I’d already textured with a lot of gesso.   It had had an old painting on it, that I’d covered up.

That’s a great thing with acrylics on sturdy canvas. The previous “oops” is a bonus texture for the upcoming next painting. That, is just so handy!


The size is  5×7″   which makes it very easy to do in 10 minutes.

Thats what I needed.

Easy…… And Quick.


I used a combination of palette knife, brush and my fingers (to smooth areas out.)



References and ‘Helpers’

Before I started, I had a quick look at my Molding Paste sample here.

It gave me hints and suggestions of  color and tone that I might use in my painting.


I wasn’t going to look at any of my sea photos at all, just rely on my ‘sea shore memories’  to provide me with what I needed.

Obviously, my final image looks nothing like the molding paste sample, but I was influenced by its textural, sculptural qualities.

cobalt teal blue pg50, textural effects and techniques, cobalt teal painting, debiriley.com
Molding Paste textural effects, debiriley.com



The Blue Wild Sky

The wildness of the sky brings the emphasis towards it and away from the sea.

I didn’t intentionally do this.  Thats  simply the direction the painting wanted to go in.

I allowed it to do so.



I was on the clock.

No time to fight, argue, or stress with it!  I went with the flow to get her done.




Final Thoughts

It may not be the most sensational piece I’ve done in my life; its an alright image.



I like to remind myself of something.


As creative Artists we don’t paint  to create Masterpieces.

We paint to express…

To communicate.  To let go.



In that, I am content.

That, is  my ‘happiness.’





Sea…. sensations

Sea…. sensations

The Sea.  She keeps replaying in my mind. On a loop.

The Sea sensations.  The textures, the sounds, the feel, the colors.  The mood.

I guess, its a thing.  I’m artistically enamoured, if you will.

It began with a little mini holiday. To the Sea.


acrylic palette knife painting in blue, ocean seascape abstract, wild seas art, debiriley.com
The Sea, in her power



Sea Foam in cobalt teal, photo Esperance W.A. debiriley.com
Sea Foam


My camera and the 1000 shots of the Indian Ocean, simply were not enough.

Its driving me, compelling me to ‘Do More.’

To jump in and …. swim.

I need to to a series.  A Sea collection.




A Sea Collection

Time. constraints


If I had a bit more time, I’d get out my oils. My knife. That monster roll of linen canvas. Right Now.


Then  get every blue I possess.

Indigo, indanthrone, prussian, ultramarine, cobalt teal, cobalt, turquoise, phalo blue, cerulean.

Plus. My specially hoarded,  my reserved,  r e a l   Manganese Blue.

You know the one, its no longer made. Off the shelf.  Unavailable.

But I have some saved, for Special projects.



And once all my tools were in place –  then I’d let my hands just go.

Just let go.



And feel the sensations of the knife gliding smoothly, across the primed canvas.

Infusing it with the colors of the Sea, the sensations of the Sea.


Echoing the whirling maelstrom of currents that is the sea.

I would dance with the colors, with the waves, with the  palette knife.


Using the tools I have. My hands. My heart.

The canvas would be mine.

But the sea….  remains her own.


Ocean, oil painting, cobalt teal blue pg50, cobalt blue pb28, indanthrone pb60, debiriley.com
surrender to the sea



The State of Humility and Gratitude

That is what I love about the Sea.  Her raw uncharted power that is simply unchainable.


The supremacy of the Sea.

Is absolute.


It opens my eyes to the reality, the true significance of man as we look fully into the vastness of Nature and her power.

Humbling.    It fills me with awe. Gratitude.  With due respect.



indigo blue landscape in oils, semi abstract coastal painting in blues, ultramarine, cerulean blues, painting in blues, master color, debiriley.com
Indigo Shores, oil semi abstract Landscape



The Evocative Sea

The things she brings out in us, the things she promises to set free.

That is one of her temptations.


And The Sea is such a temptress with her sensations.

With her soft welcoming calm bays glittering in turquoise and emerald as the morning sun rises.


She invites with a casual air, come out and play, leave your tasks for another day.

Her sea greens flash and wink;  the silk of her sea foam glides upon the sand with tantalising ease.


fun day at the beach, photography at the beach, sea foam, debiriley.com
Sea Salt, Sand and Surf




Can I resist the Sea siren and her invitations?

Invitations to Sea….




painting water easy techniques, debiriley.com
Acrylic Shores



Most of these images in the Sea collection, have been compiled from my art media library.

I chose these individuals as those best suiting the Sea Sensation vibe of this post.

Some of you, may have seen a few of these paintings and photographs on a prior occasion. But I think this ‘collection’ format changes it up just enough to provide a fresh energised feel and look for you too.

Enjoy the Sea!


seascape abstract in oils, cobalt teal blue, ultramarine blue, painting the sea, debiriley.com
Sun’s Light



surf painting in acrylics, debiriley.com



rushing sea foam, incoming wave of frosted mint green, ocean beach photography, debiriley.com
Like frosted mint




evening sea tides, dusk on the sea, photo, debiriley.com
Evening Sea Tides







Untamed (watercolors)

Untamed (watercolors)



cobalt teal blue pg50, semi abstract landscape, watercolors with a palette knife, untamed landscape of hills and foliage, free and loose painting, debiriley.com
Untamed Watercolors, semi abstract landscape with knife


Inspired by nature

A work that evolved from my numerous zen strolls, climbing little knolls dotted with sage and olive green shrubbery.  Enjoying the sea breezes, freedom and fresh air.






The Complexities of Simplicity


Seemingly so simple.

Yet more complex in its pre-planning and the execution.



Demanding, a letting go.

Demanding, an acceptance of the risks to be taken.

Demanding, a full immersion and enjoyment of the physical process of painting.




It looks like anyone, could do it.

And maybe so….

If you can use the palette knife so free & loose and without Fiddling about;  then I am excited for you!

But, apparently this is much harder to accomplish, to get, than it looks at first glance.

Why?  I think,  its because of nerves and perfectionism.  Get rid of those 2 things and it is easy.




The Painting:

  • I didn’t use a brush
  • I used a loaded up palette knife
  • on damp 100% cotton Cold Press Fabriano paper
  • I used a limited palette,  ie less is more
  • cobalt teal blue, Of Course!
  • one go,  free and easy
  • absolutely   -0-  fiddling
  • I partnered up with the paper, paint& knife
  • Making friends, working with them, makes it easy
  • Thinking of Toko Shinoda
  • Painting with clarity, focus, purpose and calm




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Palette Knife II

Palette Knife II

Return of the knife, part ii.

I’m a huge fan of using the palette knife pk108 whether I’m working in oils, acrylics or watercolors. Its very immediate and direct. Paintings take on a life of their own with expressive lively movement that the knife gives.

This time, I happen to be painting in Acrylics.




palette knife mixing greens in acrylics, do it for the process, cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com
Palette Knife Play


A simple playful hour spent slathering on my favorite color, Cobalt Teal blue!   As revealed in the post Palette Knife in Cobalt Teal green  in November.





acrylic landscape palette knife in greens, debiriley.com
Palette Knife Acrylic Landscape II debiriley.com


Tips to Resolve a Painting

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had a chance to let the dust settle.


Assess the overall image for major issues.

Calming the waters and the sky helped focus the painting. It lightened the overall appearance to create an improved tonal value balance.

The #1 problem is usually a tonal value issue: inadequate Light, Mid, Dark tones.  For everyone, myself included.



Keeping my Palette simple and limited was crucial.

Adding that hint of a tree line, a Ridge, that goes along the upper right hand side also helps the design.



Be Judicious.

I really didn’t need to do much.

Just a few fine touch ups to make all the difference between wanting to trash the thing and wanting to keep it.    Persistence does seem to pay off.