4 Findings – in the art studio

What is in my studio!? Like some of you there are days, I don’t dare even look. But, then like today the spirit captures me and I dig in.   Here are a few of my findings I found enjoyable. Things I’d forgotten.  Images long left in the boxes. Unseen.     4  Art FindingsContinue reading “4 Findings – in the art studio”

Watercolor: Trees and Bark

I enjoy Nature. I love becoming absorbed with the small snippets and microcosms that segments can offer our eye and our imagination. It stirs. It Inspires!   Combining Loves, Watercolor and Trees Its no secret that I  adore trees. A Tree Hugger, at times.  You look through my posts, it becomes evident. The post TantalisingContinue reading “Watercolor: Trees and Bark”

Forest… The Inspiration

The Valley of The Giants, a place of imagination and inspiration.  Have a wander with me and have a look at some of these glorious Red Tingle trees.   This not quite hidden grove of towering old tingle trees is also known as The Ancient Empire.  What a fascinating and mysterious name for these magnificentContinue reading “Forest… The Inspiration”

Sparking Your Creativity!

Take a walk with me!  Walk the watercolour pathway for just a moment………. As some of you have read before,  I do tend to go for a lot of nature walks! I love the feeling of being outside, with all that lovely space!  No four walls to close in on me. As I walk along,Continue reading “Sparking Your Creativity!”

Tree Reflections in Watercolour

Painting trees is a fun and relaxing subject in any media, for me.  But, it takes a little time to chill out and de-stress  before you’re ready and able to impart the serenity of the scene.  Rushing to paint after a hectic day, frantic drive or traffic jam  has led me to muddy up moreContinue reading “Tree Reflections in Watercolour”