Its Cool, watercolors

Cool colors dominate in this “super fast” watercolor still life. Time’s running out  so I had to be quick.   I needed to try to finish and schedule a couple of posts  for when I’m  …. otherwise detained for the next couple weeks!!       A useful Technique is to  decide ahead of timeContinue reading “Its Cool, watercolors”

New Watercolor Brush

I made a purchase I thought I’d most likely regret. But for $12.99 I was willing to take the risk!       Watercolor Brushes I’ve been using and recommending the Rekab 320s #2 squirrel watercolor brush for 20+ years. Many of my Art Basics,  watercolor posts have the brush mentioned, frequently.     NewContinue reading “New Watercolor Brush”

Palette Knife: Cobalt Teal Greens

Playing with the Palette Knife and paint. Simply – Investigating.     No product in mind. No pressure. Just simply, doing it for the process.     This. Is what I really, enjoy. Its what keeps me painting!          

Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens

Glorious Greens. Wet flowing watercolors.  Olive and Lime greens,  running off the paper. Blue-green drips down and splashes, making its own path. Its own mark.   Wild Watercolor Greens Allowed to run with abandon upon a dampened receptive, willing, surface.  They can be so exciting.  And they can be so terribly frustrating. There’s such pleasureContinue reading “Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens”

Art – Whats Been Going On!

A day of updates! Thanks to you –  lovely readers and followers, the website has 150K views as of today!     Several kind people have inquired about paintings, art, prints, products for sale. I’ve had ‘technical’ difficulties. ie…  (I am not so computer savvy) I must confess.  The  loading process was a bitContinue reading “Art – Whats Been Going On!”