Abstraction: Sand, Sea, Sun and Surf

Nothing but Fun today.  And,  Look at those shapes and textures! The subject in mind –  the beach, sun and sand, waves and water. Absolutely Abstract.         Abstractions Cool and inviting,   Cobalt Teal Blue beguiles, again.   Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 is an Opaque category pigment. Its not translucent or one of theContinue reading “Abstraction: Sand, Sea, Sun and Surf”

Watercolor Magnolias Techniques

Magnolia blooms in watercolor. Fresh and free. Suggesting, giving the impression, of being wild – growing on the tree branches.       Watercolor Magnolias – revisited This is an older watercolor painting of magnolias and leaves that I felt wasn’t quite right. It needed some ‘adjustments.’   Years ago I’d gathered my flower blossomsContinue reading “Watercolor Magnolias Techniques”

Inviting Imagination …out

Flowers ought to be in color, right?! I used to always, think so. Beautiful bright, gorgeous Colors. That’s normally, the very first thing that springs to mind when you think of “flowers.” So you ask, what’s up with the Black and White Debi?         Changing The Communication   Stripped back and laidContinue reading “Inviting Imagination …out”

A Confident Way …. (art, riding, life)

Both painting (art) and horse riding require specific skill development. And both will require confidence. This takes time.  Patience. Persistence…. To build the confidence and develop the boldness; that freedom to  just go do it!          A Confident Way   As I watched the new horse in the arena with my granddaughterContinue reading “A Confident Way …. (art, riding, life)”

What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)

Testing…. test strips for Watercolor. What’s in it for you? The relevance, the value, The Benefits of having a Test Strip at the ready every time you paint. It may not sound like fun at first but it certainly can be.     Watercolor Mixing and Testing     Learning Points about Test Strips   Continue reading “What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)”

Falling….Wet in Wet Watercolors

Watercolor Fun! Wet in Wet is a playful and exciting watercolor technique to use when mixing colors.  It sure beats the boring color wheel approach.       Wet into Wet Watercolor Wet in wet,  its fun and exciting.  Its not boring. Its a great way to build your skills and Master color!    Continue reading “Falling….Wet in Wet Watercolors”

Control Freak – Pros and Cons

“Control”  Many of us, don’t like that word! But, Control in balance is a good thing.  It does have its assets and its liabilities.   Its about Control By nature, I’m a wee bit of a control freak. Maybe I’ve tried to deny it. Perhaps I’ve ignored it. But, I’m pretty sure, I am inContinue reading “Control Freak – Pros and Cons”