Peace Joy LOVE 2015

Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder, and …..   Thank you fabulous readers!   Your many generous comments, likes, shares and views helped provide me with the incentive to push on and keep learning more skills for this website/blog adventure that I started last December. That December held 600 views.   This lastContinue reading “Peace Joy LOVE 2015”

Watercolor Wednesday: What’s a Stainer?

Wednesday rolls around, you’re busy.  Work, holiday shopping and a ‘To Do’ list a mile long. You want to take a break. Why read about  watercolor Stainers, right Now? Can’t I see that you Are Busy!!   Hmm.  Good point. You have me on that one.  No. I don’t have a life altering answer like,Continue reading “Watercolor Wednesday: What’s a Stainer?”

Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins

Artist Paul Jenkins filled his abstract canvases with roll the dice, sizzling color. “I utilise past experience and my knowledge of the odds.  It is a big gamble, and that is why I love it,” Jenkins said about his approach.  I can relate. Art is a risk. Its always a gamble.   Paul Jenkins PaulContinue reading “Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins”

“Skies of Fire” Edgar Allan Poe

“Surging, unto  Skies of Fire ..” from Edgar Allan Poe’s  poem Dream-Land,  describes so well these colours painted across Perth’s skyline.  I fell in love with the powerful indigo night tones with that interplay of deep violet!   Dream Land and Skies of Fire   By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angelsContinue reading ““Skies of Fire” Edgar Allan Poe”

Monday with Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was best known for his bright geometric grid lined paintings done later in his career. But these enchantingly delicate flower paintings hint at his more sensitive nature. Mondrian Paintings Mondrian’s later works of hard edged,  geometric abstract designs might be construed by some,  as lacking nuance or even skill. Some might think thatContinue reading “Monday with Mondrian”

John Olsen: Painting A Timeless Land

John Olsen  is easily recognised as one of Australia’s most iconic and productive artists.       An Australian legend  and inspirational artist whose landscapes clearly reflect his intimate knowledge and feelings for the land. Five Bells,    oil painting   1973,   New South Wales Art Gallery NSWAG in Sydney, Australia.   A lovelyContinue reading “John Olsen: Painting A Timeless Land”

The Willows In The Wind: Maurice Sapiro

Photo post by @MauriceSapiro. Source: The Willows In The Wind     A fabulous and inspirational artist whose work I adore, I’m sharing his post The Willows In The Wind from his website Have a look a Maurice’s website, there is a treasure trove of lovely atmospheric oil paintings to delight in!