Skies Above

Very Simple… in design.  Full of Atmosphere and dialogue. I find it calming, serene and relaxing to look upon. Relaxing. With just the merest hint of energy in the deep waters, to prevent any boredom from setting in.     Skies Above I wonder.  If more of us painted, more of us drew, more of usContinue reading “Skies Above”

How To Enliven a Dull (boring) Subject

Boring Subjects!  All artists have times when faced with rather dull and boring subjects. And this photo Qualifies! It could be that one shot you were able to get of your trip to Mt. Fuji was grey and murky, not really in focus. Or the flower arrangement you’ve set up just isn’t very exciting today.Continue reading “How To Enliven a Dull (boring) Subject”

The Colors of the Flinders Ranges (oils)

Color, color, color…. and memories! My  10 day adventure to The Flinders Ranges, 1993 was long ago,  but in my mind –  it seems more like just a year or two.     Flinders – Filled with Color! I can recall the landscape, textures, heat, wind, flies, storms and all those bold,  glorious colors instantly.Continue reading “The Colors of the Flinders Ranges (oils)”

Joy: Dawn’s Early Light

Joy. This is one of my favorite words! And early morning is my favorite time of the day. It IS filled, with joy.   What does ‘Joy’ mean !?       Joy For me,  “Joy” can be interpreted as: cheerfulness,  warmth, sunny, happy,  contentment,  satisfaction. A  resilience of will,  regardless. A deep abiding innerContinue reading “Joy: Dawn’s Early Light”

Sunday’s – Nose in a Rose

Its still cool enough here in Perth, Western Australia that the roses are in full bloom. No. Not my roses. No, not the neighbor’s roses …. this time either! I discovered these beauties in my local fish market. Its a small family run fish shop that sells deliciously fresh seafoods.     Nice people. TheyContinue reading “Sunday’s – Nose in a Rose”

Sea Waves, at the Beach (Oils)

The blue waves crash. I’m standing in the cool waters. Shoes up on shore.   Sea Waves in Oil Paints   I do have tight hold of my camera with its zoom lens, securely wrapped around my neck as well.   What, am I doing?!  I’m looking for ‘color’ naturally. The elusive shot keeps escapingContinue reading “Sea Waves, at the Beach (Oils)”