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Going To The Beach

Going To The Beach

Going to the beach.  Feel like joining me? The water is warm, really!

Looking at the surf, the sand, the crashing waves. Relaxing…..

Strolling along, playing in the warm wet sand. My feet are wet,  and pants now soaked to the knees!

Just having some fun, down at the beach.


sea shore impressionist oil painting, moods of the ocean, conveying the essence and spirit, beach painting in oils, debiriley.com
going to the beach, oil painting


The Beach

It can be So inviting.

And then, so stormy, dark and rough.



evening sea tides, dusk on the sea, photo, debiriley.com
Evening Sea Tides


Always something New

So many faces of the sea, the beach, the shoreline.

Something new, something different every time.

No wonder we never become tired of going down to the beach.


I don’t go nearly as often as I’d like. It is a bit of a drive for me.

I should go more often though.




Plein Air

In a couple of homes, we lived just a few blocks away from the water.

Fortune smiled.  Lucky!!

Living so close to the water was a real treat for me and I would take full advantage of it, nearly every day.


That’s most likely  the origins  of my “Zen Strolls”  come to think about it.


That regular ‘zen’ experience of strolling the shores,  was certainly a period of time that has impacted my art.

These walks and their images are imbedded in my mind.

And, you probably can tell this, through the art I create and how I create it.





I think, this is one of the reasons I so strongly advocate beginners paint outside.

To paint from Real Life, from real objects.

Things that they can touch and feel.

Things that reach in and touch them.

Not to rely, depend, need, photographic references for every painting they create.



Touch the audience 

It is this way,  that the Spark, vigor and vitality of the subject  (whatever it is)  can be conveyed onto the paper or canvas.


If the artist has been touched and moved emotionally by the subject,

then they have a chance to create something that touches and moves the audience…the viewers.


Which is, of course my goal in painting.

To express and touch, to move the audience.


Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

But, I always have that as my destination.





Sea and Beach Images

Beach and Sea shore photographs and paintings showing the differing moods, days, feelings the sea and shore evokes in us.

The Sea and beach, for me its a bit of zen.   


indigo blue, naples yellow, cerulean blue, ocean coast painting, debiriley.com
Cerulean and Naples Yellow, Indigo     –     Along The Shores


indian ocean photos, debiriley.com
Indian Ocean in 4, debiriley.com





ocean waves in blue oils, abstract painting, debiriley.com
SeaWaves, at the Beach, oils (c) debiriley.com





Sea Foam in cobalt teal, photo Esperance W.A. debiriley.com
Sea Foam  photo



cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal At The Beach  photo



Acrylics Impressionist Beach debiriley.com
Acrylics Impressionist Beach and landscape debiriley.com





sea waves green, glass bottle green sea, colors of the sea, photograph of waves, debiriley.com
Seawave Kalbarri, photo





watercolor ocean plein air, cobalt teal blue sea art, debiriley.com
watercolor sea



creative experimental watercolor techniques, watercolour abstract seas, blue lagoon painting, debiriley.com
Sea Coves, experiments in watercolor



Through the Trees Darwin debiriley.com
Through The Trees Darwin   photo




My Featured Painting “Going to the Beach”  was done in oils, on canvas.

The canvas size was 3′ x4′ it was large and fun!  I used a brush this time.






Sea Coves

Sea Coves

Beautiful blues and crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, seem to always draw us closer.

Well, those colors mesmerise me at any rate!


creative experimental watercolor techniques, watercolour abstract seas, blue lagoon painting, debiriley.com
Sea Coves, experiments in watercolor


Watercolor Experiments

This was a lovely fun experiment.


Just simply pouring paints on and then watching their tiny particles float and drift, then finally sink as they dried.




You’d have to be an enthusiastic artist to admit, that watching paint dry…. was fun and entertaining.




The Surface

I think with this one, in particular using the ultra smooth clayboard surface really did the trick.

The pigments were allowed to do what they do best, they were not fiddled with; the loveliness of the flow was never disturbed.

The board, itself worked with me, worked with the paints and  kept the translucency so pretty and lovely.




Using Daniel Smith watercolor paints was extremely enjoyable.

Lunar Earth, and Prussian Blue were the 3 major players.

I did add a touch of buff in 2-3 spots later.

“Judiciously”  of course!







Carefree summer days

summer days, beach photography, summer holidays, debiriley.com
Carefree Summer Days


Gorgeous summer days

Don’t you miss those days, you spent as a kid… just playing in the surf and sand!

A whole day at the beach seemed like forever back then.


Next time you take the kids, go on.  Jump in.

Or  get your toes wet at least!




Summer – Winter

For all my Oz friends,  yes.

This was taken a couple months ago. When it was summer here.

But, right now its a rather brisk winter.

And I was really feeling like a warm tropical breeze and a fun splash… for a moment!



The Color Palette

So Summer.  So Gorgeous.

This is my #1 favorite group of colors.

Cobalt teal blue, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue.  Buff titanium, White, Black. And a dash of terracotta Light Red.   


Why might this data be relevant, when the image is a photograph?

Even though its not a painting,  it is always a useful thing for us to assess and identify the Why of something  that we like.

We learn by questioning.  Whether we are writers, painters, photographers, chefs, etc.






Alterations needed

This photo gave me a fabulous opportunity.

To transform a dull lifeless image, to a lively gorgeous fun Summer Time photo.

At first,  the tonal values and the contrasts were very poor.


You’d never know to look at it now,  how under par it was.

Our initial efforts that ‘miss the mark,’  in painting or photos, well I guess they’re a bonus really.

They make me  do things to them, get creative with them.  

In ways I wouldn’t,  with an effort that I’d felt was already a good success – that needed nothing done to it.


I find that many art ‘failures’  ie  (not yet resolved)   are Opportunities.

They make me wonder…. and imagine.

And I love them.

(OK  I’ll be honest!   Most  of them.)




Enjoy your Carefree Summer Days




Turquoise and Aquamarine Seaside Abstracts

Turquoise and Aquamarine Seaside Abstracts

At the Sea, relaxing in the warm gentle breeze.

Bare feet playing in the soft white sand.

Watching the waves advance and retreat, an endless meditational loop.


acrylic abstract seashore, turquoise waters abstract, debiriley.com


Creative Pursuits

OK. I admit I wasn’t there this week!!

I’ve been occupied with other forms of creative endeavors.  Taking in… and storing up colors, shapes and forms from my drives, my zen strolls, formulating lesson plans.

And  “painting hair.”


We were planning to paint on canvas this weekend. I had several brilliant ideas lined up.

I thought we could each use 5-6 large canvases and splash, pour, splatter and throw the paints on.


Yellow would be a feature color, with a pop of magenta and pink.

Maybe CTB.  For that hint of green.




Plans change.

As they do with an 11 year old girl.  Anyone else relate to that?!



So instead,  we all enjoyed the creativity that magenta-pink hair painting offered us.

Using the ‘canvas’ of her long blonde hair.

With the 3 of us involved, it was great fun.

More fun, I’m quite sure thank if we’d gone ahead and painted on the canvases!





Sea Painting

I was however, determined to use a painting for Monday’s post.


Awhile ago, I’d gone to the beach overnight and really had a wonderful time.

Immersing myself in the water, the mood, the ‘feeling’ of the place in order to better convey its unique character, and essence.

I’d taken hundreds of snapshots, as you do.


beach photographs, waves rising, tropical beach, debiriley.com
at the beach




surf and Sand at the beach, photographs of Perth beaches, debiriley.com
Surf and Sand



And being inspired by the mood of the sea I had painted on a large canvas ….just the waves coming in.

You can check that earlier post Sea Salt, Surf   showing you this painting.


It has needed more fine tuning.


Some additional resolutions to the old   image would be great as it is on quite a big canvas that I’d rather not waste.

I do like most of the image and think it has ‘potential.’


This morning I’ve played around with seeing how it would look cropped and turned around in several different formats.

These 2 were the better of the lot.



I’d used a monochromatic palette while painting this.

 Its easy, fast, less hassle.  Less likely to get muddy.  Better chance of getting my tonal values right.


But maybe next time, my palette might be:  buff titanium, white,  cobalt,  cobalt teal blue CTB,  cerulean and ultramarine blue.   They would all harmonise really well together and fit into the sea surf theme perfectly too.


seaside abstract in acrylic, debiriley.com
Changed Up, new format




By turning it over upside down and around, cropping the sides, turning it into a long vertical, etc.  creates improved designs.


And while, I still might repaint over this at some stage … for now, I can leave it.

Let it rest. While I think about it.


I’m not in a big hurry.

The waves are pleasant and breeze is warm, the sand feels so lovely and soft.





Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

Time was a definite factor in this Impressionist Seascape in Acrylics.

Yesterday’s post, Sea Sensations inspired me and I really couldn’t forego art altogether. I decided regardless of time issues,  I would paint Something!

I didn’t get my oils out,  nor that massive roll of  lovely linen canvas.

However, I did take a quick 10 minutes to paint up a storm. So to speak.

acrylic impressionist seascape painting, palette knife art, debiriley.com
Blue Skies and Sea


The Painting

We don’t always have 2 hours or half the day to play around with our paints. Don’t let that. Stop us!


I’ve learned to take the minutes….. and make each of them count.


Disregard all thoughts of the final outcome.  What I produce,  is in fact, immaterial.

To Paint  – is the relevant thing.

So I did.




Acrylic paints:  lots of white,  ultramarine blue, cerulean, a tiny dash of naples yellow.


The canvas was a medium small one I’d already textured with a lot of gesso.   It had had an old painting on it, that I’d covered up.

That’s a great thing with acrylics on sturdy canvas. The previous “oops” is a bonus texture for the upcoming next painting. That, is just so handy!


The size is  5×7″   which makes it very easy to do in 10 minutes.

Thats what I needed.

Easy…… And Quick.


I used a combination of palette knife, brush and my fingers (to smooth areas out.)



References and ‘Helpers’

Before I started, I had a quick look at my Molding Paste sample here.

It gave me hints and suggestions of  color and tone that I might use in my painting.


I wasn’t going to look at any of my sea photos at all, just rely on my ‘sea shore memories’  to provide me with what I needed.

Obviously, my final image looks nothing like the molding paste sample, but I was influenced by its textural, sculptural qualities.

cobalt teal blue pg50, textural effects and techniques, cobalt teal painting, debiriley.com
Molding Paste textural effects, debiriley.com



The Blue Wild Sky

The wildness of the sky brings the emphasis towards it and away from the sea.

I didn’t intentionally do this.  Thats  simply the direction the painting wanted to go in.

I allowed it to do so.



I was on the clock.

No time to fight, argue, or stress with it!  I went with the flow to get her done.




Final Thoughts

It may not be the most sensational piece I’ve done in my life; its an alright image.



I like to remind myself of something.


As creative Artists we don’t paint  to create Masterpieces.

We paint to express…

To communicate.  To let go.



In that, I am content.

That, is  my ‘happiness.’





Sea…. sensations

Sea…. sensations

The Sea.  She keeps replaying in my mind. On a loop.

The Sea sensations.  The textures, the sounds, the feel, the colors.  The mood.

I guess, its a thing.  I’m artistically enamoured, if you will.

It began with a little mini holiday. To the Sea.


acrylic palette knife painting in blue, ocean seascape abstract, wild seas art, debiriley.com
The Sea, in her power



Sea Foam in cobalt teal, photo Esperance W.A. debiriley.com
Sea Foam


My camera and the 1000 shots of the Indian Ocean, simply were not enough.

Its driving me, compelling me to ‘Do More.’

To jump in and …. swim.

I need to to a series.  A Sea collection.




A Sea Collection

Time. constraints


If I had a bit more time, I’d get out my oils. My knife. That monster roll of linen canvas. Right Now.


Then  get every blue I possess.

Indigo, indanthrone, prussian, ultramarine, cobalt teal, cobalt, turquoise, phalo blue, cerulean.

Plus. My specially hoarded,  my reserved,  r e a l   Manganese Blue.

You know the one, its no longer made. Off the shelf.  Unavailable.

But I have some saved, for Special projects.



And once all my tools were in place –  then I’d let my hands just go.

Just let go.



And feel the sensations of the knife gliding smoothly, across the primed canvas.

Infusing it with the colors of the Sea, the sensations of the Sea.


Echoing the whirling maelstrom of currents that is the sea.

I would dance with the colors, with the waves, with the  palette knife.


Using the tools I have. My hands. My heart.

The canvas would be mine.

But the sea….  remains her own.


Ocean, oil painting, cobalt teal blue pg50, cobalt blue pb28, indanthrone pb60, debiriley.com
surrender to the sea



The State of Humility and Gratitude

That is what I love about the Sea.  Her raw uncharted power that is simply unchainable.


The supremacy of the Sea.

Is absolute.


It opens my eyes to the reality, the true significance of man as we look fully into the vastness of Nature and her power.

Humbling.    It fills me with awe. Gratitude.  With due respect.



indigo blue landscape in oils, semi abstract coastal painting in blues, ultramarine, cerulean blues, painting in blues, master color, debiriley.com
Indigo Shores, oil semi abstract Landscape



The Evocative Sea

The things she brings out in us, the things she promises to set free.

That is one of her temptations.


And The Sea is such a temptress with her sensations.

With her soft welcoming calm bays glittering in turquoise and emerald as the morning sun rises.


She invites with a casual air, come out and play, leave your tasks for another day.

Her sea greens flash and wink;  the silk of her sea foam glides upon the sand with tantalising ease.


fun day at the beach, photography at the beach, sea foam, debiriley.com
Sea Salt, Sand and Surf




Can I resist the Sea siren and her invitations?

Invitations to Sea….




painting water easy techniques, debiriley.com
Acrylic Shores



Most of these images in the Sea collection, have been compiled from my art media library.

I chose these individuals as those best suiting the Sea Sensation vibe of this post.

Some of you, may have seen a few of these paintings and photographs on a prior occasion. But I think this ‘collection’ format changes it up just enough to provide a fresh energised feel and look for you too.

Enjoy the Sea!


seascape abstract in oils, cobalt teal blue, ultramarine blue, painting the sea, debiriley.com
Sun’s Light



surf painting in acrylics, debiriley.com



rushing sea foam, incoming wave of frosted mint green, ocean beach photography, debiriley.com
Like frosted mint




evening sea tides, dusk on the sea, photo, debiriley.com
Evening Sea Tides