John Olsen: Painting A Timeless Land

John Olsen  is easily recognised as one of Australia’s most iconic and productive artists.       An Australian legend  and inspirational artist whose landscapes clearly reflect his intimate knowledge and feelings for the land. Five Bells,    oil painting   1973,   New South Wales Art Gallery NSWAG in Sydney, Australia.   A lovelyContinue reading “John Olsen: Painting A Timeless Land”

Delacroix to Klee: Books to Inspire

Artists Eugene Delacroix,  Jean Leon Gerome  and  Paul Klee fill the pages – waiting to inspire me with magic woven with their hands, brushes, colours, paints and imaginations. A cherished book,  “Orientalism – Delacroix to Klee” tops my favourites list, with every page filled with a spectacular art image. Mesmerising! Orientalism – Delacroix to Klee  Continue reading “Delacroix to Klee: Books to Inspire”