If I Was Eleven….

The world of the artist is filled with imagination. The kind of imagination children still have, even at age eleven. Somewhere along the way, that creative expression, stops. The imagination gets shoved away, packed up, boxed up tight. Then hauled up into the attic. Its expected.             But, if IContinue reading “If I Was Eleven….”

On The Waters….

Colors shining. In violet, indigo and pink and gleaming ultramarine. They dance, these colors. Softly. Upon the waters.     From The Pond be still and just BE…. just breathe until you hear the colors sing and come to life     sit by the pond’s edge and wait….   and wait, until at last,Continue reading “On The Waters….”

Spring Greens

Evelyn Flint has a wonderful art website and blog. So imaginative, creative, fresh, free, and Full of Artistic Adventures that are color magic! Her latest post was irresistible, I’ve had to repost it to share with you. You will, absolutely love Evelyn’s art – check out her website.

A Confident Way …. (art, riding, life)

Both painting (art) and horse riding require specific skill development. And both will require confidence. This takes time.  Patience. Persistence…. To build the confidence and develop the boldness; that freedom to  just go do it!          A Confident Way   As I watched the new horse in the arena with my granddaughterContinue reading “A Confident Way …. (art, riding, life)”

Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day. Contentedness…. in the calm.         There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness. Its not too quiet, no. I don’t think so. Not at all.       I Steal Time. I sneak away. To find hidden places within this city’sContinue reading “Its Not Too Quiet Here”

The Challenge – Watercolors

Its a challenge, yes. But wouldn’t it be just a little bit boring without a challenge or two?! So far in my “Master Color” course we’ve been proceeding along in segments. It makes it easier. While I’m purposely creating this post for my Tuesday class, “MASTER COLOR”  don’t let that stop you from joining inContinue reading “The Challenge – Watercolors”