Insights into Drawing on the Imagination

Drawing on your imagination initially may present some challenges, but with practice it becomes second nature. i.e.  you learn as you go!   From this first image of the banksia,   I developed the concept of a circular form; deciding to pair up the golden amber with soft mossy greens. The next “springboard”  for myContinue reading “Insights into Drawing on the Imagination”

Watercolours with Palette knife

Love this simple way to do palette knife trees in watercolours. Beginners will too! Dampen the paper where the trunk will be,  then just glide the knife into the dampness. Change knives to add a different colour into the trunk, let it run a bit and use a finger to smudge and merge the coloursContinue reading “Watercolours with Palette knife”

Inspiration from the Sea

The shimmering turquoise waters of Esperance paired with stunning white beaches has given me lovely memories, as well as some nice shots.  These photographs are several in a series that were quite ‘entertaining’   to take….. whilst out knee deep in the water.  Refreshing.     And, from the colour schemes to the subject matterContinue reading “Inspiration from the Sea”

Trees in Watercolour

Painted in a nature park in St. Ives, New South Wales. Lovely reserve full of birds and trees, delightful. The foliage greens become progressively warmer into the foreground. The edges are also sharper more in focus in the foreground and softer in the background. The tree trunk has a graceful curve-  which provides a moreContinue reading “Trees in Watercolour”

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow  watercolours and acrylic paints. Viridian and Permanent Rose are complements; Ultramarine blue and Indian yellow are near complements and they pair up harmoniously, whether in watercolours, acrylics or oils and are in my palette for both of the paintings shown. First painting “Bird of Paradise”  is a representationalContinue reading “Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow”

Tree Paintings Watercolours

Watercolours are a versatile medium, they don’t have to be wishy washy. They can be bold with bright sunlight dappling the forest or calm, serene.  Two of my personal favourite tree paintings These  are two of my favourite watercolour tree paintings. Very different from each other one so very tranquil,  the other with shadows &Continue reading “Tree Paintings Watercolours”

What to paint? Looking for ideas? for Inspiration?

There are days when you sit and stare out the window, waiting and waiting….for inspiration. Hoping  for some fascinating subject to leap in front of you that says Paint Me! You may begin to read an art magazine. You wonder what to paint. Nothing sounds that interesting.  Does this sound a little familiar to anyone?Continue reading “What to paint? Looking for ideas? for Inspiration?”

Fred Williams Australian master painter

I fell in love with Fred Williams long ago in Sydney. A close friend introduced us in an art gallery. Nothing has deterred my love of Fred, not his being deceased nor my being married,  What an artist! Often I think if I could just paint like Fred, or go where he went, or…. getContinue reading “Fred Williams Australian master painter”

Zen of Colour: In the Forest

Zen of Colour: In the Forest    is a creative  interpretative  watercolour  painting that evokes a lovely sense of tranquility.   This is primarily due to the simplified palette of mainly,   3 tubes of paint. I’ve used indigo for the deep darks,  zoisite a green grey for the back ground,  cobalt teal for theContinue reading “Zen of Colour: In the Forest”