Evocative Texture – Part I

One of the reasons I love to paint is I can use the paper, canvas,  paints and mediums to create a ‘nearly’ sculptural form that can be felt;  literally and figuratively. When I Photograph, I use the same guidelines generally, but with  different technical approaches. Adjusting shutter speeds, f stops, my own position of sittingContinue reading “Evocative Texture – Part I”

Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours

Watercolour Beginners if you start off with 3 tubes of paints you can create all these and more colour mixes. BEGINNERS’    3  TUBES: Cobalt Blue  pb28     Permanent Rose pv19     Winsor Lemon py175               (Transparent Paint category) For new beginners, when just starting out, limitingContinue reading “Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours”

Sunset Windswept Clouds: Photography

Sunset photo with a powerful design. Its steep diagonal Light tone is angled nearly to a vertical.  The Dark sea foreground acts as the horizontal to anchor it. I love this  photograph, and had to post it separately from clouds.   The drama here is created primarily from the 3 directionals. The Most dominant beingContinue reading “Sunset Windswept Clouds: Photography”

Inspired by The Clouds

Clouds….. The artist’s candy store!   What lovely inspirational things clouds are.  Filled with gold and silver. Bright and bold. Even the plain jane grey clouds can become magnificent purple blacks with rosy inflections.     Georgia O’Keefe has a brilliant quote, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’tContinue reading “Inspired by The Clouds”

Clouds: The Impressionist Approach

Colourful, bold, Impressionist cloud painting in watercolours captures the mood of the day near Warwick, Queensland. A limited palette of three tubes of paint  and mixing  them has provided more than enough colours to create a lovely sense of aerial perspective. Notice the warmer orange browns are in the foreground and the cooler colours,  greyContinue reading “Clouds: The Impressionist Approach”

Into The Light: Value of Tone

Success in any painting has meant that I have created adequate tonal value nuances of light and dark. When I find areas that seem ‘flat,’ without depth, not very interesting, without shape or form;  I always discover I have not created enough tonal variations in that area.     The very basic, minimum I canContinue reading “Into The Light: Value of Tone”

Resolving An Old Painting

A few weeks ago I posted  Good News about Epic Art Failures filled with several exuberant images that were not yet resolved. I had a bit of a think and reassessed the mountain created with watercolours using a palette knife.   I determined that the perimeters needed quite a bit of softening, which was done veryContinue reading “Resolving An Old Painting”

Experimental Art Processes

The last few weeks have been quite prolific with a number of experimental drawing and painting workshops.  The themes ranged from Klee, Degas, to music, to landforms and then to pure imagination –  wonderful art creations  emerged though out the workshop processes!   Two of the key points in each of the workshops was (1)Continue reading “Experimental Art Processes”

Zen of Colour

Snippets of just a few of the styles and media planned for my  upcoming  “Zen of Colour”  creative art course at Atwell Gallery, Perth   Term 1     2015.   I will also be conducting a demo preview for this course at the Jackson’s Art Supplies  Alfred Cove, Perth  Thursday January  29,  2015 ColoursContinue reading “Zen of Colour”

The Feeling of the Land

The Feeling of the Land. I love the land, its colours, textures, shapes, layers and the richness of its dialogue.  Its more important to me, to convey the feeling of the place, its spirit rather than the precise exact details. When I paint, I feel it. I rely more on my creative intuition than onContinue reading “The Feeling of the Land”