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Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Colors talk.  Colors communicate.

They evoke specific moods and messages that are quite clear.

Nature uses color all the time, very effectively, to communicate.


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Red, Black, Naples Yellow and Cobalt Teal:  Colors Communicate



Color Communication


One of the most effective forms of expression.

No ‘words’ needed.

Just the colors.




Creative Artist Expression

As Artists….

We can cleverly use  strong (or soft & delicate)  expressive colors to communicate ‘a message’ with our viewers.


We can choose what we intend for them to see and feel, through our color planning choices.


But first, we need to understand the specific colors.

Understand what each specific color can mean, can represent, in order to help us harness a color.


Using color purposely this way  can make your art far more interesting.

Richer, more layered. Intriguing.

Getting it out of a tired old pattern of painting that may have gotten you bogged down in a rut.





Color Meanings


Out in Nature, when we see red, black and yellow together, often it serves as a warning.

A red flag,  if you will, that the object may be dangerous.



Cobalt Teal Blue 

This cool color is so calming, refreshing and relaxing many of us almost immediately think of tropical holiday waters.

CTB has a hint of playfulness to it that can bring out the inner child.


Naples Yellow 

Definitely a warm, golden glowing yellow.  Alone, or without the red and black, it probably would give off a more welcoming vibe.

Happy, joyful, content. Cheerful!



Is an extremely powerful, dominating color.

It exerts its force of will over nearly everything else, even if in tiny proportions.

Red is associated with warning, danger, power, authority, aggression.

It Shouts out. Its as if, its in all CAPS.

Vibrant Red, really isn’t a shy little wallflower.




Black can be many things!  It can be a neutral, at times and in certain circumstances.

Often, it is just so strong and powerful that its impact overwhelms the rest of the colors.

Its linked to things that are dark and foreboding, death, but also authority, power, strength and solidarity.

Again this is one that can takeover, even in small doses.




For me, with this image,  the saving grace was the cobalt teal.  As it is, its a very dramatic abstract.

With warning colors right through the painting. I wonder what I was thinking at the time. Maybe its a good thing I’ve forgotten!



To Dream of Skies

To Dream of Skies

To Dream of Skies…. we look up and wonder.

Indigo cloud storms darken the day for a little while; but we know the sun will indeed return.

Giving us sunrises of sweeping cerulean blue tinged with the palest of naples yellow low, on the horizon. Soft peach and apricot flickering delicately like wings upon the tips of the morning clouds.

moody sky photographs, Kalbarri travel photos, debiriley.com
Sky With Attitude, debiriley.com


indigo blue, naples yellow, cerulean blue, ocean coast painting, debiriley.com
Cerulean and Naples Yellow, Indigo


We look up, with wonder in our eyes.

The artist within yearns to capture, to convey, to express those colors painted in the sky and the deepest emotions they bring forth.

We try. We struggle.  We give it our best shot.

Sometimes…….. we come close.   Thats enough.


oil painting, sky clouds, dawns early light, debiriley.com
Dawn’s Light, oil painting


Our paintings rarely achieve the same quality of shimmering air and freshness.

The ‘aliveness’ of that very moment, beating in time with our hearts.   It has been done, but I’m still working on it.

unison pastels, landscape at dusk, mark making with pastels, debi riley art paintings, beginner drawing pastels, debiriley.com
Pastel Landscape at Dusk



wet in wet watercolour technique,skies, debiriley.com
Wet in Wet watercolor  – The Sky has wings



Sundown and Deep Shadows



watercolor landscapes Fir Trees, abstract painting, contemporary landscapes water media, debiriley.com
Fire in the Sky debi riley



Our photographs seldom convey  the human depths we feel and sense as we look up and wonder.

How can it, really?


The intangible. The inexpressible…..

where words fail, paints falter, and the camera is but a shallow reflection.



And still,

the artist looks up with wonder and tries once more.


Charcoal Skies, Australia



skies in black and white, photography with mood, debiriley.com
This, I can Feel




glorious Perth Wa sky photo debiriley.com
Glorious Perth Sky photo debiriley.com



Puget Sound, dusk debiriley.com
Naples Yellow on the Horizon,   debiriley.com




My WordPress friend at ancientskies has inspired this post today with his wonderfully textured writings that make me Think.  I always find them peace giving and heartfelt.    His writings were the Catalyst today.  Causing  me to divert from my planned article to go a different direction.

To write “To Dream of Skies.


I believe you too will enjoy his words, go and have a visit and a read.  ancientskies


acrylic abstract landscape, teal green, apricot peach skies, painting the sky, expressing mood in art, debiriley.com
To Dream of Skies, semi abstract acrylic painting



The Truth, in Aristotle’s Words

The Truth, in Aristotle’s Words

I went out yesterday morning meaning to go for a short, zen stroll.  Fresh air, to clear the mind and sooth and relax.  But as things progressed, thats not what happened. I had a very hard hike.

With these 3 images and their story, I’ll share how the words of Aristotle – changes our art.

nature walks, zen, choppy waters, monochrome, debiriley.com
The Winds Stir the Waters, …from a zen walk


The Hike, not a stroll

With my heart and mind on other matters, my feet took many turns – and then I ended up far, far from home. With a very sore hip.  A hike indeed. I’m sure its good old fashioned weight bearing exercise “good for the bones.”

Yes, lemonade from lemons.

Clarity,  in part has been granted. While the soreness lingers.


Aristotle, the inward significance of art, convey the mood and meaning in paintings and photos, debiriley.com
Aristotle, the inward significance of art


So the “Hike” has served a useful purpose.

You know, of course, I don’t go on strolls without my camera.  My photographs have recorded so many things from this Hike.

Not really just the outward things of nature, but a deeper inward symbolic meaning.  Especially the very last, at the park. The meaning of which must be… for another post.


creative photography, conveying the mood and feeling, deliberate camera blur, landscape summers ending, debiriley.com
The Dreamland  – soft moss lawn and gold drops of foliage



The Hike – Image #1

In the first photograph, the wild winds were hitting the water. Dashing it from one side to another. With a dark indigo blackness that seethed, the water churned and chopped. Ahhh….. you get the drift here.



Image #2

The second image with Aristotle’s words.  Isn’t there so many layers to this one?

Can you see the elements, touching and reacting. The bright yellow green leaves being touched tenuously by the withered twig. Just barely.  So nearly, not.   And looking further into the back. That shape. The sphinx-like face that gazes out, to the left, far away to somewhere else.


Image #3

The third is the Landscape of golden tipped trees.

Well, its my fav of the 3 images.  I deliberately created camera blur effects for a dreamier appearance.

A Dreamland.

Soft and golden with pale moss lawn.

The gold drops of foliage…. falling down. Like teardrops. Haunting and yet enchanting.


*also,  this image does tie in with my last color mixing post with Naples Yellow. I could so easily mix all the colors seen from the paints I’d listed.





In each of these 3 images, the inward significance is far greater than that first glance, exterior appearance of beauty or prettiness.



Most artists would not go into much detail, explaining the image or content.


Why, would I?  Only because I am a teacher.

And after all these years, I know the questions are there for so many.

And would remain unasked.  The images and artworks to remain unresolved mysteries. Or guesses.  I’ve made it my purpose, to try to take a lot of the guesswork out. To make art easier to understand.



Blurred images and abstractions do not need to remain ‘mysterious’ – I think I can explain, in part, mine at least.

  • Blurring helps to create depth, distance, perspective.
  • It helps to lead and guide the eye in.
  • Also….. it creates a soft and dreamy, welcoming mood. A Dreamscape.
  • Whereas, hard, sharp choppy edges – serve to draw the eye right there.
  • Riveting there on that spot and staying right there.
  • Not taking the viewer through the artwork.
  • Those hard sharp edges can tend to be quite  ‘pokey,’  abrasive.
  • Like swords pointed at you. Making you want to …. stay away.



Aristotle’s words about digging deep, to show the inward aspects truly resonates with me.


Color: With Naples Yellow

Color: With Naples Yellow

Naples Yellow is beautiful warm and balanced paint, created by Daniel Smith watercolors. I’ve decided after numerous purchases and experiments with other NY (Naples Yellow) colors that they were lacking in what I needed from my paints.  Clarity, mixability, lightfastness, consistency.

naples yellow watercolors, ultramarine blue pb29, watercolor mixing greens, debiriley.com
Naples Yellow and Ultramarine watercolors  “Test Strip”


Color Mixing

A brief review on some of the experiments I’ve done using Naples Yellow, with a couple of blues on small Test Strips.

Its fun and fast.

Exploring and trying out a little bit of color mixing each day.

Five minutes is all it really ever takes.  That, and just doing it each day.

Think,  Long Term!!



Naples Yellow daniel smith watercolors, prussian blue pb27, color mixing watercolours, debiriley.com
Naples yellow watercolor mixing



mixing Naples Yellow, color mixing greens for beginners, debiriley.com
Naples Yellow Daniel Smith and PHalo blue



prussian blue pb27, naples yellow daniel smith watercolors, color mixing for watercolor beginners, debiriley.com
Prussian blue and Naples Yellow watercolor mixing


Small, Quick Mixes


Every day you paint, does not need to be an epic journey towards…. That Glorious Masterpiece.


Its wonderful -and necessary – to have days of quick, short bursts of sheer color.

Nothing but color.

Short.  And sweet.

“With absolutely.  No. Pressure.  Put on yourself whatsoever.” 



Your fast little test strips of color mixing …do not... have to look like much at all!

All they need to do, is to get You to get your Paints Out!





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