Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Colors talk.  Colors communicate. They evoke specific moods and messages that are quite clear. Nature uses color all the time, very effectively, to communicate.       Color Communication   One of the most effective forms of expression. No ‘words’ needed. Just the colors.       Creative Artist Expression As Artists…. We can cleverlyContinue reading “Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black”

To Dream of Skies

To Dream of Skies…. we look up and wonder. Indigo cloud storms darken the day for a little while; but we know the sun will indeed return. Giving us sunrises of sweeping cerulean blue tinged with the palest of naples yellow low, on the horizon. Soft peach and apricot flickering delicately like wings upon theContinue reading “To Dream of Skies”

The Truth, in Aristotle’s Words

I went out yesterday morning meaning to go for a short, zen stroll.  Fresh air, to clear the mind and sooth and relax.  But as things progressed, thats not what happened. I had a very hard hike. With these 3 images and their story, I’ll share how the words of Aristotle – changes our art.Continue reading “The Truth, in Aristotle’s Words”

Color: With Naples Yellow

Naples Yellow is beautiful warm and balanced paint, created by Daniel Smith watercolors. I’ve decided after numerous purchases and experiments with other NY (Naples Yellow) colors that they were lacking in what I needed from my paints.  Clarity, mixability, lightfastness, consistency.   Color Mixing A brief review on some of the experiments I’ve done usingContinue reading “Color: With Naples Yellow”