Addictive, Sheer Fun … Monoprinting

Addictive, yes.  But in a such a good way! This is the kind of Addiction, that is good for us.     Monotypes and Monoprints These were the focus for this week’s process…. at work.   They are two of the best techniques that I’ve used in sessions that always help participants let loose. ToContinue reading “Addictive, Sheer Fun … Monoprinting”

Fun at the Art Shop

I’m back from the art shop. Why, is this news? Well…. you can save money from what I learned there, for starters!  $100 savings in paper….     The Art… of  Shopping   I went up to the Oxlades Art Supply shop in the northern suburbs of Perth. There I found some decent sales items.Continue reading “Fun at the Art Shop”

Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase

Minimal. Simplicity. My chosen words for the day.   Those words,  I feel suit my mood and the dialogue. Less. Is More.       Red Roses The flowers,  are portions –  from my fish shop’s wonderful rose bouquet of yesterday.   I have used  my photographs that I took at the shop.  I haveContinue reading “Simplicity: Red Roses, Blue Vase”