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Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue

Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue

Blue Ice caught in between the shadows, cracks and crevices are the ultra rich tones of Prussian blue.

A thousand hues of blue, pool against the shores.

Captivating. Engaging.

Making us pay attention for a moment,  to become immersed in the swirls of color.

Those gorgeous textures that ask to be touched;

to be looked at just a little longer,  to be seen in their depths.



blue ice watercolor abstract, prussian blue pb27 watercolor, abstract watercolour in blue textures, debi riley art teacher, debiriley.com
Blue Ice, watercolor abstract


Blue Ice –  textures in watercolor


So we look.

Down the sides and slip into the shallows first.



Sinking into the reaches of the frigid waters,


flowing soft and deep

dark and rich and oh so cold.


Blue Ice.




Creating in “Prussian Blue”


“Blue Ice”  is part of a continuation of  Color Textures Lesson #6

as well as  Creativity Pass It Along  

Both posts lay the foundation for this creation.



Texture was integral in the piece, with the molding paste applied onto the surface in random patterns.



My Creative imagination helped me to form and define the intangibles into something, from out of the chaos, slowly.

It, evolved.

I did go back in later, to darken a few areas.

This emphasised the places where it was needed and anchored those shapes more successfully.



The other player was Power of the  Blue.

Once again, I have chosen to use only blue for my painting.  Leaving the paste and gel mediums and the support surface to be my lights.

I used Prussian Blue pb27  watercolor.

The support is a canvas pad paper, you can see its woven texture quite well throughout the piece.


I enjoy the freedom and the creativity that painting in monochromatic palettes allow.   It seems like I might be restricted, constrained by only permitting myself the one color to use.  But I find it is utterly freeing.

Blue Ice would never have emerged, had I not set myself a monochromatic theme.  And I am very pleased with how the painting, Blue Ice finished up.


Magical Mists: Monday Watercolors

Magical Mists: Monday Watercolors

Monday morning. ‘Magical Mists’  rise from the shoreline thinning to veils of vapor.  With a mere blink, a flicker of an eye and they have vanished. Watercolor’s Cobalt teal blue teases, upon water and sky.  While the peach tinted umber settles deep into the paper’s tangled textures.

magical mists, watercolor painting, cobalt teal, debiriley.com
Magical Mists watercolors


Magical Mists, Watercolors


This delightfully colored and textured abstract watercolor seemingly creates the mists by magic!




Material Used

Cold Press Watercolor paper

Molding paste 

Cobalt Teal Blue pg50   

Cobalt Violet  

Burnt Umber  


Rekab 320s  Watercolor brush  size #2




Watercolor Painting Process and Techniques

The Fun Part!!  Molding paste!

I prepared the watercolor paper by slathering on molding paste using a palette knife and then let it dry for about 8 hours. I did several at time, so I could be ‘choosy’ and pick the one I liked best.


Next,  debating,  what colors to use.

Its kind of like choosing which outfit to wear out to dinner! What fun!    I chose a limited palette in cool colors:   cobalt teal blue, cobalt violet,  burnt umber.



Music played.

The tempo was soothing but not slow. Not rough, nor jarring.


I applied the cobalt teal first on Dampened paper.

Then,  while all was still damp and movable, added cobalt violet next, last was the burnt umber in a Darker tone.  That had to be quite dark in order for there to be Depth in the scene.   As it is,  I can see Light, Mid, and Dark tones…. so all is good there.


Last, while still on the damp side – I grabbed a Skewer.  Using the skewer like a little fragile drawing stick, created curving, twisting, leaning trunks and branches.

Just,  not too many.  For this scene to work out,  Less IS More.




Inspired by  these!

I often wonder,  “WHAT, makes the artist tick?

What prompted this response from the artist?  Why did they choose that color?  That texture?   What was their day like?  What was their life like?  What books had they been reading?  Do they enjoy strolling out in the forest?”

Do you wonder these things?


Its because I want to know the artist.  To try to sense just a little of what they were feeling in order to understand their method of expressing their voice more fully.


My Inspirations for the Magical Mists of Watercolor  can be summed up in these:  color, mood, expression, walking outdoors.



*I want to make the viewer   feel  something.


magical mists, watercolor painting, cobalt teal, debiriley.com
Magical Mists watercolors


Stranger to Blue Water

dark and dusty

painted on the sky

misty taste of moonshine

teardrop in my eye





My musical  inspiration –   “Take Me Home”   – John Denver


As I write the post, its Sunday evening.

We’ve just gotten back from a lovely Scandinavian restaurant, where we celebrated a lovely anniversary.

The lone musician played. And as we left, he heard my request……….. and sang,  “stranger to blue water, dark and dusty, painted on the sky, …… country roads, take me home.”



More Inspirations

I was also inspired by my recent Violet purple creation. I wanted to now reverse the intensity, to desaturate.

To try an attempt at subduing and desaturating bright bold color,  ie  the  purple in   Vibrant Violet to see how I could manage it.  Can I?  Did I?

vibrant violet watercolor, painting, debiriley.com
Vibrant Violet


I was inspired to try to create a sense of delicacy and Gentleness.

A sense of ephemeral, of floating and mists upon the water.




Then, I was inspired by the massive web like weaving of foliage I’d experienced –

the tangles and patterns of foliage seen on my most recent Dry Bushland walk.

watercolor foliage tangles in mist, debiriley.com
Bushland Tangles
misted tangles watercolor, photo, debiriley.com
Foliage Misted Tangles


Was Magical Mists a REAL  ‘touchable’ place? Done on location?


Does the beauty, truth and value of a thing,  diminish  if it is intangible?




What has been the most important element here for you?  I’d love to know.

The specific materials I have used?

The specific steps and processes I went through?

Or is it what drove and motivated me to create this specific, one off,  piece of art work?




This was one of my most favorite posts to create.

Not just painting the art image, or taking the photos out in the bushland;  but the entire and long….process of this post was extremely enjoyable.


And I would LOVE it,   if  you shared it and spread it around in your  ‘social networking’ travels.

My Appreciation. Thanks!  Debi