Fine Forest Finds

Silly Saturday! From walking in the woods to fine forest finds, such lovely discoveries were made. Yesterday’s playful Daniel Smith watercolor mixings was so Fun! Looking at these patterns and colors of the bark and lichen – can You – come up with  “Color Recipes” to emulate?       Why don’t you give itContinue reading “Fine Forest Finds”

Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe

When I paint, most of the enjoyment comes from creating new color blends. Its really not painting a scene, that most likely, a million others have done before. No.  Its the thrill of creating, by chance, inventing a blend that is Unique. That…. remains the most amazing thing for me.       Color –Continue reading “Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe”

Color Possesses Me – Paul Klee

Oh so true! “Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will pursue me always, I know it.” Paul Klee     Whether its test strips of colors perched on my studio table, or paint tubes scattered like gumdrops across the floor.       Or perhaps,  the stunning colored shadows of aContinue reading “Color Possesses Me – Paul Klee”