Love: we don’t need another gadget

The most enduring possession we have or could ask for: Love We don’t need another gadget.  Another cup. Another ‘thing.’ What most of us seriously – really need. Is Love.     Love Love is, compassion. And mercy and empathy. I often heard my father say to us, “Until you walk a mile in theirContinue reading “Love: we don’t need another gadget”

Happy Birthday Flowers

Someone has a birthday today…. its one of those Special birthdays. Even though I may not be there to share, to celebrate in person –  I can send flowers.   Tulips that almost look like soft, pretty pink balloons rising up.       And for the rest of us,  even if its not ourContinue reading “Happy Birthday Flowers”

Gift Giving Is An Art

She gave me a gift and it was wrapped. Wrapped up with the most beautiful wrapping I’d ever seen. Her Love.     Simple, Unexpected gifts  speak volumes – don’t they?     Let’s  “pass this forward” this week…. brighten someone’s day!       Cheers, Debi      

Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.”

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”    Claude Monet   A marvelous and inspiring quote from Claude Monet, that had me reflecting one afternoon as I was sitting by the water. As the sun played upon the surface, 1000’sContinue reading “Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.””