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Her Name was July

Her Name was July

ancient Queen of Summer

robed red against the cobalt sky

July, all languid and full of summer…….



July #world Watercolor month, debiriley.com
Her Name was July




and as,  all her days

began to frolic

throughout the month

so lovely and softly warm –

the Queen of Summer reigns.





o ancient Queen

benevolent July




Queen of Summer,

untamed tresses of gilded locks

that glitter

with the setting sun



summer’s glory

in every strand.



her name was July








Watercolor Painting Process

This is a watercolor/mixed media piece.  The underlying foundation began as watercolor wet in wet.

And then,  the evolutionary process took over.

It, dictated to me,  what  it would be.

and….. Her name was July!



  • applied molding paste texture onto watercolor Arches CP paper
  • dried overnight
  • applied watercolor washes of pale skin tone, pink and blue wet in wet
  • let dry thoroughly
  • applied light touches of acrylic paints to emphasize the design
  • let dry
  • applied  22k gold leaf on face,  brows, lips, etc





My Inspirations for this art piece are 3 fold:


  1.     July is now,  the official World Watercolor Month

2.     I’ve always loved the month of July, growing up in the Pacific NW it was …Summer!      I lived for those lovely mild,  warm days, all 31 of them.

3.    My planned  July trip over there was cancelled, so I am ‘improvising.’   I’m envisioning myself there!