Those Painted Hills

When words of a poet long passed, stir the artist’s soul to create… Create!       Paint the Hills Inspired with visions created within my mind, of granite layers and colors everywhere. I’ve interpreted   the poet’s words that paint. In my own way, impulsively and without thought, this time.       Let goContinue reading “Those Painted Hills”

Pinks and Greens, in the Forest

Another zen stroll. Not so leisurely as most of my strolls but still enjoyable. This time,  there was a deadline.  I was On the clock. In the forest.       Begin With A Plan   I went with one purpose in mind. However, the weather and wind refused to cooperate. I tried to getContinue reading “Pinks and Greens, in the Forest”

BOLD Summer’s Colors

Topic: Boldness. Confidence. Being in The Moment and Doing what You Love. Let’s forget about judging. Let’s forget about what other people are going to think. Let’s forget about ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’ Its Art. That means….. its about self expression using whatever art materials you can find that will get your message out!    Continue reading “BOLD Summer’s Colors”

The Water Lily

The water lily Just …. Magnificent.     Gorgeous Things of the Water After my short zen stroll yesterday, splashing dancing in the water fountain,  I’ve ended up with quite a few new nature photographs. I can’t wait to share.   Water lilies are one of my favorite flowers.  I never can resist,  as they’reContinue reading “The Water Lily”

Dancing in the Water Fountain

Exuberance, bursting with life and excitement! How many of us secretly wish, to do something a little bit daring, something …. just for Fun?!     Dancing…with life Doing something new, fun, silly, something daring. Something we haven’t done before. I don’t mean way out or extreme…. We don’t have to go to  Monte CarloContinue reading “Dancing in the Water Fountain”

Spring – Happy Snap

Doesn’t this just make you feel “Happy”?! This real quick,   “happy snap” looks lovely and lively.  Can you see how the wind caused the petals to bounce and dance? It was if  they were happy too, that Spring arrived!     Spring,  so inviting.  Petals open wide.  Shadows playing.   It was a luckyContinue reading “Spring – Happy Snap”

Keep The Light

I love all things inspiring, heartening. Encouraging. And so, when your night falls dark and cold, remember ….   “Deep in their roots, all flowers Keep the Light.”   Theodore Roethke             Inspiration   Artists give gifts. We seek to encourage and inspire.       Roethke’s  beautiful words woke meContinue reading “Keep The Light”