Gardens by the Bay: Face Time

The faces we see. Passing us by. On the walls, crouched in canoes, rising tall as totems. More faces, mirrored in the deep ebony ponds.Perhaps, even a few faces planted somewhere in the gardens. What a wonderful joy to find faces in the Cloud Dome at the Gardens by the Bay. It is …… SingaporeContinue reading “Gardens by the Bay: Face Time”

The Cat’s Meow…

She couldn’t resist him. That’s the way it goes around here. He cried, begged, whined. The little guy carried on for so long, finally our granddaughter had to do it.       He had his Santa hat on. The only cat I’ve ever had that enjoys dress up. That loves being carted around, heldContinue reading “The Cat’s Meow…”

Midnight Dreams: indigo

There in the distance…. the deep velvet near black, midnight blue sky twinkles with stars. So it seems.       Midnight Dreams In my last post, I did promise a little more interesting “Title.” Sometimes, artists do dream and then create. So it was. I didn’t capture the precise dream like qualities. But IContinue reading “Midnight Dreams: indigo”

Watercolor …. daydreams II

It gets challenging around this time of year. Finding exciting new “titles”  and whipping up spiffy new art designs. When, we are all, juggling 3 too many tasks as it is! So. I guess,  we’re stuck with this title. But,  I promise, to do better. Next Time!!       Watercolor DayDreams Watercolor paintings inspiredContinue reading “Watercolor …. daydreams II”

Threads of Creativity … Collage

Creativity sparks in this shimmering collage. Rich Crimson scarlet and pools of Viridian green. Threads of gold, delicate threads of Japanese papers mingle with thick layers of encaustic wax. …. how was this created?  what Was I thinking?       Collage Creativity   Painting away. Creating. in silence   Playing the colors, the tones.Continue reading “Threads of Creativity … Collage”

Leonardo da’Vinci …. insights into Silence

I chose Leonardo today.  A genius. A well rounded artist. A thinking, artist.   Creative. Inventive. Imaginative.       Leonardo da’Vinci Artist. But so much more.   All the things I aspire to be. To become.   He is a good role model. I don’t want to copy him, but to emulate his outlook. HisContinue reading “Leonardo da’Vinci …. insights into Silence”

Creativity…. pass it along

The Creative Zone. It doesn’t really matter which form of art we’re pursuing- fashion, acting, music, sculpture, painting, writing – to create well we need  to be in that zone. We need to be feeling it….. Feeling the Creativity within us. Did you ever think to yourself, maybe, people were having a harder time theseContinue reading “Creativity…. pass it along”

Black Ink on watercolors

Hints of cobalt teal blue peep through.     Black Ink   Dark intense black ink drawn and splattered across the painted paper. Those dark lines rivet the eye and act like magnets. Some areas of ink were allowed to bleed and merge, just a little.   This was an abstract. Simply fun.  An experiment,Continue reading “Black Ink on watercolors”