Music in Pink

Flowers are the music of the ground…..       Flowers Music to the Soul….     “Flowers are the music of the ground   From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”        Edwin Curran       A Chance Discovery I discovered that first poem by chance while looking for a poem forContinue reading “Music in Pink”

Watercolor Fresh Start Tomorrow – Love It!

When it all falls apart. The watercolors have gone 20 different ways. And none of them were your way. “What a lovely feeling to know, that I’ll wake up and have a fresh start tomorrow!”         Fresh Start with Watercolors   I was working in my visual journal, the one that isn’tContinue reading “Watercolor Fresh Start Tomorrow – Love It!”


  My picks for 2016 You may wonder where all my paintings are. But, what I found when I searched my 2016 images – with the word Magnificent in mind, surprised me. I felt there was a lot more “feeling” in my photographs this year than in my paintings. Maybe next year it will beContinue reading “Magnificent”