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In The Fields – silly saturday

In The Fields – silly saturday

Its Saturday, shall we just for a moment, be a tiny bit silly?  I will, if you will.

In the fields, are weeds.

Are tangles of overgrown grasses. In the fields, just around the corner block, a perfect spot.

I lie amongst the fields of yellow, those ‘weeds’ and grasses soon to be mowed down.

And find myself…….

at eye level.



finding nature's treasures on walks, fields of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos, debiriley.com
In The Fields  and just…around the corner




meadow of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos photography, nature walk, debiriley.com
In Amongst Them


In The Fields

This had to be, the shortest of all my zen strolls.


It seemed as if, every thing was lovely.

It was a beautiful time of the day.

The sun was shining, but not pelting down.

The breeze was there, delicately. Nice.



Everything was lit up with a softness and an appealing luminous freshness.

Grass, weeds, dandelions.





They took on a new and oh so interesting look.

Now more like Cinderellas dressed up for the ball and not the overlooked, plain wallflowers that soon get mowed over.




Yes, yes but I found I quite enjoyed the oddness of looking into the weeds as if they Might Be Pretty.

As if they were the forest.

As if the grass stalks that swayed in the gentle wind, were meant to remind me of something……


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grass in the wind




fresh yellow flowers in the field, flower photography, debiriley.com
Fresh, In Yellow


A Fresh,  Look

What glasses, did I put on this morning you ask?

Surely, the World and its troubles, can’t have overnight by magic, changed.




I did put my artist eyes back in.


I did go out on the stroll …Resolute.


Filled with purpose, to discover things of loveliness.



No, I don’t have rose colored glasses on.

I see and hear the same news as everyone.



My attitude was adjusted today.

I heard what was being whispered so softly.


I listened.




And I am keen on safeguarding my artist creativity, joy and light.

To not let the woes steal them away.



The  Julia Cameron book,   The Artist’s Way   that I’ve been  rereading, is such a great read.  Old.  And worth a second read.




Silly Saturday

Silly Saturday today, with its playful and different take on those pesky Weeds, was both fun and a little bit serious.

But Just Right, for a Saturday.




Music in Pink

Music in Pink

Flowers are the music of the ground…..


flower poems, Edwin Curran, pink gentle sweet flowers, macro photo of flower, debiriley.com
Music in Pink



Flowers Music to the Soul….



“Flowers are

the music of the ground


From earth’s lips

spoken without sound.”        Edwin Curran




A Chance Discovery

I discovered that first poem by chance while looking for a poem for this photo.

I liked Curran’s phrasing;  how he painted with words.



I looked a little further, to see what else he might have in wait for us.

Finding another of his poems just as appealing,   just a little bit lengthier.



I’ve included  Curran’s  “The Painted Hills of Arizona”     even though its not flower themed.

Still, its lyrical and lovely and fills the soul.





The Painted Hills of Arizona 

The rainbows all lie crumpled on these hills,
The red dawns scattered on their colored sills;

These hills have caught the lightning in its flight,
Caught colors from the skies of day and night

And shine with shattered stars and suns they hold
Dyed yellow, red and purple, blue and gold.

Red roses seem within their marble blown
A painted garden chiselled in the stone;

The rose and violet trickling through their veins
Where they drop their bright curtain to the plains

A ramp of rock and granite, jeweled and brightening
Like some great colored wall of lightning!




Red Sky of Fire  

Skies of Eidolon -Night

Bold color on the Mountain  







The Quiet Joy In Nature

The Quiet Joy In Nature

In the forest.

There is more than meets the eye.

A bit of a zen stroll, a family excursion.

What, could be better? Care to join me?

creating a mood, conveying the atmosphere and feeling of the subject, forest photography, debiriley.com
Forest Peaceful Happiness


Forest  Light and Color

A lovely feeling is captured here….  In the forest.

Early Spring, still tipped with edges of coolness.

So Refreshing.


This photograph with all these lush layers, is one of the few snapshots I’m even tempted,  to actually paint from. That is a rare thing.


The enticing weave of branches.

All these overlapping layers of color.

The muted Spring light filtering through the trees and branches.

Creates a fabulously interwoven forest of enchantment.

Of Peaceful Happiness.   



Spring Magnolias

Early Spring sunshine lights these magnolias wonderfully.

Its a tucked away place just outside of Perth, Western Australia.

The inviting and peaceful Arulean gardens.

Our family was fortunate enough to go on a day the weather wasn’t too hot.

It was just right!




convey feelings in photography, nature, tulips, spring gardens, debiriley.com
A Quiet beauty……


Quietly in Nature

Still in the gardens.


Right at the edge of the forest, with the Spring light just barely touching the tulips’ tips.



It is a beautiful day.


A day filled with peace…. and a wonderful sense of quiet happiness.  




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Drawing… upon the child within

Drawing… upon the child within


Maybe its as easy, as simple as drawing like a child again.  The pure unfettered self expressive freedom a child unleashes while drawing and creating is a joy to watch.

I believe I received just as much happiness from the watching as my granddaughter did as she created this.

Unfettered by rules, by expectations, by popular demands.

Yes, that is what art means….. for me.  And is what I encourage with such enthusiasm.



draw like a child, creative drawing, drawing with creativity and imagination, debiriley.com
Draw Like A Child…. free, expressive. happy!



Draw Like A Child

Draw like a child…. free of fear.


Picasso knew a bit about returning to the enchantment of childhood in order to create from within.


Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.



Its this,  drawing like a child, creating from within,  that is our True North.



The Story Line


once upon a time, when we first beheld the world

through our childhood eyes –


and the world was lovely

and we were happy


with the joy of a crayon in hand

we scrawled big splashes across the pages

as our mothers

proudly smiled with encouragement

and enthusiasm



but then we went to school

we learned to stay in the lines


we learned that the sky


the grass WAS GREEN


we learned there were

no dragons, no easter bunnies, no santas, no angels, no knights


we learned our ABC’s

and about those frightening  F’s



we went to work

and learned to toe the line


to cease our daydreaming,

to always pay attention

to The Bottom Line



we learned there were bills to pay,

family to feed,

and there was never enough  time



then if we were fortunate,

we retired



we dusted off the old brushes,

took out the faded paints and charcoals


and wondered….


did all our freedom go,

what happened to our creativity



why did the magic disappear?



The Artist Within – Hope, Encouragement, Freedom

This is the story line, over and over, of so many people who come to art classes.

I felt compelled to try to put their stories into words for all of us. To examine the issue closer.


It is not a case of “not being talented” or gifted.

It is not about “being no good”  as I’ve heard as well.


It is I think,  more like we need some word of hope, of encouragement from someone to get us started on our journeys.

Plus,  we Do need to throw out ‘perfection’ and return to a more childlike creative state.



See – Burn – Free 

When we return to looking, to seeing with our child’s eye, our imaginations and creativity will be restored to us.

When we toss away the school master’s lecture notes and burn them for the illusion they are;

we free our Imaginations.


“perfection is an illusion.”

Merely …..  a convenient measuring stick which others can be graded by,  judged by, monitored, labelled and dismissed by.



I so agree.

(Unless…..  you are a surgeon. or in another life and death profession.  then I advocate as much perfection as is possible. please.)

The world doesn’t require abstract expressionist surgeons.




But I believe it does need us to once again see the magic.

To see the dragons, santas, angels, bunnies and knights.

Even if they are only within our enchanted imaginations.




A warm thank you to  Andrew Seal at  thechangingpalette.com  for his humorous  “abstract expressionist surgeon”  phrase.  I found it wonderful, funny & handy!  Plus, if you check out his website – you’ll discover not only humor in his posts, but some of the most expressive work with ink, pen and brush.  Ink work that is not tight,  nor stiff at all.  But very free and gestural, with lovely rhythm.   the changingpalette.com

Watercolor Fresh Start Tomorrow – Love It!

Watercolor Fresh Start Tomorrow – Love It!

When it all falls apart. The watercolors have gone 20 different ways.

And none of them were your way.

“What a lovely feeling to know, that I’ll wake up and have a fresh start tomorrow!”



watercolor, mistakes, tomorrow is a fresh start, love, debiriley.com
Watercolor Fresh Start



Fresh Start with Watercolors


I was working in my visual journal, the one that isn’t on watercolor paper.

But it has such lovely, encouraging quotes I decided to use it anyway.

I thought, I was up to handle a challenge!  I’d put up with thin cartridge like paper.  Deal with it, work with it.  “Partner with it.”

Not today.


Start Over

The first painting was shocking. You don’t see it do you!  No.

But I’m not going to beat myself up either. These things happen.



Drawing The Jungle Leaves

Right now, my new drawing is done at least.

And I like it. I used a big bold black permanent marker to draw with while looking out at my back garden.

We have a giant strelitzia nicolai growing and I love its massive, jungle like leaves.

This plant grows super tall 15 – 20 feet or more. About 6 meters.   It has delicate pale butter cream blooms not orange. With lovely lilac purple accents and pod.

It was a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift from my family a couple years ago. They had no idea I’ve been wanting one for 15 years. It was a great surprise. …. Gift giving. Love, in another form.



Back to my watercolor mess.

I had to read the quote below…. many times.


I think it is strange. Some days I pick up the brush and presto! Its like magic and I’m in the zone and I’m loving the feeling.

Other days. Its about as productive as collecting unicorns.


I’m just being frank.





So then, I read the quote.


The quote by Elizabeth David reads:

 Tomorrow was invented

to give you a fresh start

on whatever doesn’t go well today.



I hope you love this quote as much as I do!






My picks for 2016

You may wonder where all my paintings are. But, what I found when I searched my 2016 images – with the word Magnificent in mind, surprised me.

I felt there was a lot more “feeling” in my photographs this year than in my paintings.

Maybe next year it will be changed in the other direction!

As you know, early April there was a ‘problem’ and I lost 5 years of photos along with my backup. So, I think, I’ve probably been trying to make up for that lack taking numerous photographs on my Zen Strolls.

(the word magnificent is being used in this context to describe the mood and feeling, the experience  that went along with the visual art image created.)   Its really not indicative of whether the image is top calibre or not… just the ‘Feeling.’

I hope you enjoy these.



I can get lost in this ruby red and magenta tulip. It was a magical day at Arulean Botanical park with my daughter….. and grandchildren.  Who, of course. Were “bored!”


magenta tulip sunlit photograph, beauty in flowers, debiriley.com
Magenta Beauty, debiriley.com (c) 2016



Also from the Arulean park and gardens.

The filtered sun created a lovely bokeh; the ambience filled with Light and Peace.

And Hope.

floral photography, emotive art photos, debiriley.com
Hope is Magnificent




A Magnificent Storm formed over the Indian Ocean.

Giving The Pinnacles, W.A. a moody, somber and still appearance.  They wait.

It was awesome to share this with family. We went with my sister and BIL north of Perth, up to Kalbarri on a very Magnificent  holiday.

Western Australia travel, the Pinnacles, Western Australia, stormy outback sky, debiriley.com
Charcoal Skies, Australia






Every one of us, is like a bowl. If you think about it……..

Decorated uniquely; but it is our ‘connecting with others’ that make us magnificent. Together.



Still Life pink coral, patterned bowls, graphic design, debi riley art, debiriley.com
Its Still Life



with these hands.

A snapshot along the busy streets. Perfect and beautiful.

I see Hope – there in the closeness and connectedness of these 3 hands.


with these hands, love, touch, create, debiriley.com
With These Hands



A single bird, rising as if released from ‘cloud hands.’

With Hope and Promise.


black and white photography, sky clouds, contemplations, debiriley.com
dove released





Wishing you,  all,  a Magnificent 2017