Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation

Silver glittering angel. Flecks of violet, jade, topaz sparkle. Set against that dark rich and warm Light Red background. The Photographer, Kelly Walker, was busy around here. With her permission, I’ve used her images.         The Art of the Holidays Truly…. there isn’t much, in the way of drawing, painting, creating atContinue reading “Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation”

Sparkle! and Shine!

How did she know?   Gift Filled with Sparkle For a month, I thought about getting myself an advent calendar. My friend must have read my mind.   Her holiday card full of Sparkle and Shine was more than perfect.       And now, I am having so much fun with this card. Each dayContinue reading “Sparkle! and Shine!”

Love: we don’t need another gadget

The most enduring possession we have or could ask for: Love We don’t need another gadget.  Another cup. Another ‘thing.’ What most of us seriously – really need. Is Love.     Love Love is, compassion. And mercy and empathy. I often heard my father say to us, “Until you walk a mile in theirContinue reading “Love: we don’t need another gadget”

Merlin’s Halloween

Mama’s boy.  He’d live in my pocket, if he could. Its October 31, Halloween in Perth and the magician thinks its time… to say   What, is Halloween …. without a cat?!  Merlin wormed his way in. Again.  He is clever like that. As though he has some magic spells he weaves, that enchants hisContinue reading “Merlin’s Halloween”