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In Harmony

In Harmony

A peculiar fence is in Lancelin, Western Australia… a multicolored ‘rope’ fence. It has a creative harmony that I found instantly appealing. People put rope and twine of all different colours, shapes and sizes together. And it looks amazing!

harmony colour and shapes debiriley.com
Harmony color and shapes


Colors and Textures

Bright Cobalt Blues, aquas, viridians, indigos, coral reds and indian yellows… narrow, gossamer thin and broad;  some intact, some old – totally worn out and frayed beyond redemption.

The curling strands, the unravelling threads, the tightly bound cords – sturdy and linear; these textures, forms and shapes are nearly Jackson Pollock.

I find somehow, they’re   In Harmony,  in their sensational tapestry on the fence.

harmony, side by side, colours debiriley.com
Side by Side, In Harmony

These randomly different ropes  get along, intertwine and connect brilliantly. Who would have thought ropes and twine might be artistic and lovely?!  Not I.


color twined ropes, in harmony, debiriley.com
Color Twined

The song,   “Get Along”   by  Guy Sebastien   always runs through my mind when I’m remembering the gorgeously colored rope fence.


Its a lovely song, with sweet poignant lyrics.  If you haven’t heard it…. its well worth having a listen.

The refrain is….   “Can we all just get along.”




The Soul of The Artist

The Soul of The Artist

Still Life Florals in vase photograph debiriley.com
The Soul of the Artist photograph debiriley.com

A Simple Post:   with an invitation!

With no long discourse or Art Basic tips on tone, edges, depth, colour, design, etc.  I’m inviting you to post in comments on your reactions to this photographic image.

Is it too centered for you? Adequate depth? Some may dislike the location of the green signature, and wonder WHY I placed it right there! ………   and some may enjoy those very same things.

Having ‘comments and discussion’  is a fantastic chance to learn and hear different art viewpoints.   A sequel post will be forthcoming with my explanations on the title, the mood, the basics.

Thank you everyone for your comments and participating, great response so far!       

Keep those comments and thoughts coming in!        🙂