Inspired by Orchids- Watercolours and Photographs

This morning’s sunlight on the white satin orchids and the fuchsia pink was just too tempting to resist. A few nice photos captured the morning light before it vanished! ¬†Later this afternoon the watercolour paints will come out and we’ll be using the cool orchid palette as springboards to our day’s paintings at ¬†Atwell GalleryContinue reading “Inspired by Orchids- Watercolours and Photographs”

Green Paints from Gemstones – Zoisite

A new series of posts featuring my collection of gemstones and my gemstone watercolour paints. This photo shows Zoisite gemstone with ruby inclusion, there so much minute detail, texture and tonal value gradations in just one of these stones. They’re like a work of art all in themselves. 50 Photos later….. and I was stillContinue reading “Green Paints from Gemstones – Zoisite”