Watercolour Mixing Charts

I was perusing through my art files… aka  boxes and stacks of notes, studies, colour charts, sketches.    And rediscovered these 2  watercolour charts that I’d created from cobalt blue, winsor lemon and permanent rose watercolour paints.   My eye gravitated to the deep purples the warm purple  Big  “R”  small B      andContinue reading “Watercolour Mixing Charts”

5 Tips for Mixing Watercolour Browns

Browns and greens are watercolour beginners two main challenges. But with these 5 tips you can master mixing browns!   5  Problem solving tips for browns that have somehow gone awry:   1. If  Brown has gone too muddy, dense and thick,  wipe  half the mix away then add water to it and test onContinue reading “5 Tips for Mixing Watercolour Browns”

Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)

There is a wealth of untapped Power in the Line waiting for the beginner artist to learn to use. Lines are an intriguing and fascinating part of art design and is one of the most versatile tools the artist has to work with. The voice of a Line can whisper, beckon, gently guide, hug orContinue reading “Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)”

Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours

Watercolour Beginners if you start off with 3 tubes of paints you can create all these and more colour mixes. BEGINNERS’    3  TUBES: Cobalt Blue  pb28     Permanent Rose pv19     Winsor Lemon py175               (Transparent Paint category) For new beginners, when just starting out, limitingContinue reading “Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours”

Light and Shade: Tonal Values for Successful Paintings

Whether you’re painting in pastels, watercolours, oils, acrylics, mixed media the single most crucial aspect for more successful artwork is Tonal Values. Making sure that you first observe and see those variations in tone is key in order to then be able to obtain those tones on your painting. The tricks I use to seeContinue reading “Light and Shade: Tonal Values for Successful Paintings”