Sketching, Life and Nature

What is she  gazing down upon? What is she,  thinking and what is she feeling? By inferring, or hinting at things  just outside their view,   my objective is to engage the viewer more.       Sketches Fast and Loose Photographs often, though not always,  spell out a subject with exact precision.  Recording textures, veins, size,Continue reading “Sketching, Life and Nature”

Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day. Contentedness…. in the calm.         There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness. Its not too quiet, no. I don’t think so. Not at all.       I Steal Time. I sneak away. To find hidden places within this city’sContinue reading “Its Not Too Quiet Here”

Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)

How much fun can you have – just walking in the green woods?     or just splashing and mixing paints?     I had endless  fun. Both during my short walk and after, while creating these pretty little foliage green mixes.       With only a few brief moments to play,   IContinue reading “Walking in the Green Woods (Daniel Smith Watercolors)”