Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day. Contentedness…. in the calm.         There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness. Its not too quiet, no. I don’t think so. Not at all.       I Steal Time. I sneak away. To find hidden places within this city’sContinue reading “Its Not Too Quiet Here”

The Challenge – Watercolors

Its a challenge, yes. But wouldn’t it be just a little bit boring without a challenge or two?! So far in my “Master Color” course we’ve been proceeding along in segments. It makes it easier. While I’m purposely creating this post for my Tuesday class, “MASTER COLOR”  don’t let that stop you from joining inContinue reading “The Challenge – Watercolors”

Colorful Brushstrokes

Breaking the rules. With decisive,  powerful brushstrokes. Colorful brushstrokes.     A Bridge of Prussian Blue These two big sweeping strokes of Prussian blue unite the image.   The background was quite jarring, overly full of lively textures.  And, it was so warm. This is generally not in keeping with a balanced sense of harmonyContinue reading “Colorful Brushstrokes”

The 3 Edges of Watercolor

Watercolors can be simplified into 3 basic edges soft, medium and sharp.  And the tricky edge… is of course the in between one.  Come on and I’ll explain a few fast beginner pointers that will help! Watercolor – Soft edges,  Medium edges, Hard edges Why should we care about watercolor edges?  What is the relevance?Continue reading “The 3 Edges of Watercolor”

Copper Sky – Mixed Media

Silly Saturday… I think,  that 2016 needs “Silly Saturdays.”  When I’m just having a bit of fun,  there’s no pressure.  With silliness comes the unleashing of creative energy!         Process of the Copper Sky Mixed Media Oddly, This started with looking at some lovely quail eggs.  Many things can inspire the artist’sContinue reading “Copper Sky – Mixed Media”

Acrylic Abstract Ocean Painting With Turquoise

Abstract painting fast and loose!  I was able to create this free,  colourful Abstract Ocean painting without a brush in just minutes!  Here’s how.   Materials For Acrylic Painting: Palette knife,  canvas with a coat of orange already on it and  4 colours. Limiting my palette to white, buff titanium, turquoise and prussian helps maintainContinue reading “Acrylic Abstract Ocean Painting With Turquoise”