Music in Pink

Flowers are the music of the ground…..       Flowers Music to the Soul….     “Flowers are the music of the ground   From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”        Edwin Curran       A Chance Discovery I discovered that first poem by chance while looking for a poem forContinue reading “Music in Pink”

Pinks and Greens, in the Forest

Another zen stroll. Not so leisurely as most of my strolls but still enjoyable. This time,  there was a deadline.  I was On the clock. In the forest.       Begin With A Plan   I went with one purpose in mind. However, the weather and wind refused to cooperate. I tried to getContinue reading “Pinks and Greens, in the Forest”

Watercolor Magnolias Techniques

Magnolia blooms in watercolor. Fresh and free. Suggesting, giving the impression, of being wild – growing on the tree branches.       Watercolor Magnolias – revisited This is an older watercolor painting of magnolias and leaves that I felt wasn’t quite right. It needed some ‘adjustments.’   Years ago I’d gathered my flower blossomsContinue reading “Watercolor Magnolias Techniques”

Inviting Imagination …out

Flowers ought to be in color, right?! I used to always, think so. Beautiful bright, gorgeous Colors. That’s normally, the very first thing that springs to mind when you think of “flowers.” So you ask, what’s up with the Black and White Debi?         Changing The Communication   Stripped back and laidContinue reading “Inviting Imagination …out”

Pop of Color

Nothing fancy.  Just color. Bright pink rose, a pop of magenta and fuschia with hints of warm naples yellow are splattered about on the papers. Add a splash of cobalt teal and Its a Happy Monday for me!           Color At Play   Just fun. Just mixing. Just Playing.   TheseContinue reading “Pop of Color”