Spring – Happy Snap

Doesn’t this just make you feel “Happy”?! This real quick,   “happy snap” looks lovely and lively.  Can you see how the wind caused the petals to bounce and dance? It was if  they were happy too, that Spring arrived!     Spring,  so inviting.  Petals open wide.  Shadows playing.   It was a luckyContinue reading “Spring – Happy Snap”

Gift Giving Is An Art

She gave me a gift and it was wrapped. Wrapped up with the most beautiful wrapping I’d ever seen. Her Love.     Simple, Unexpected gifts  speak volumes – don’t they?     Let’s  “pass this forward” this week…. brighten someone’s day!       Cheers, Debi      

The Iris: Faith, Valor, Wisdom

The romantic language of the flower: The Iris.  Time often covers what once was tradition and common knowledge. Ancient wisdoms, now lie forgotten. But, what hidden meanings could the lovely Iris reveal………?       The Iris – A Beautiful Flower   Sharing and Friendship   In ancient Greece, apparently  the goddess Iris was theContinue reading “The Iris: Faith, Valor, Wisdom”