Sunset Windswept Clouds: Photography

Sunset photo with a powerful design. Its steep diagonal Light tone is angled nearly to a vertical.  The Dark sea foreground acts as the horizontal to anchor it. I love this  photograph, and had to post it separately from clouds.   The drama here is created primarily from the 3 directionals. The Most dominant beingContinue reading “Sunset Windswept Clouds: Photography”

Creative Painting, Creative Photography

Photography is very much an integral part of my artistic voice,  my self expression.  Its as important to my art as painting is. Sometimes less, other times more. Even though I’m a ‘hobby’ photographer,  I have thousands of photographs in my ‘library’   filled with  a myriad of  subjects. If I shoot a great shotContinue reading “Creative Painting, Creative Photography”

What to paint? Day 2

What to paint?!   Ideas can be garnered from a simple roll of masking tape.  Yesterday’s post I mentioned using circles, flowers,  even  a roll of tape for painting ideas.       masking tape – an inspiring and creative tool just  Imagine  how it could be used in your designs think outside the box,Continue reading “What to paint? Day 2”

Photos as Reference Material

Zoom into a flower with just the stamens, or zoom into a glass vase with just its reflections, maybe take a photo of just clouds only, or the ripples in a pool, perhaps in black and white, or sepia. In other words, take photos in a way you have not tried before nor have seenContinue reading “Photos as Reference Material”