Its Still Life: 5 Bowls

Five ‘Still Life’ bowls. Each a beautiful individual, filled with life’s textures and patterns. As a group, Looking stunning as they overlap, connect and create wonderful life relationships.       The Inspiration   These  5 Bowls and their patterns were inspired by things seen, felt, heard, experienced.   things vertical, horizontal, diagonal hibiscus  tinyContinue reading “Its Still Life: 5 Bowls”

New Debi Riley Art

What a fantastic week!!  I’ve really had a great deal of fun with all the splashing of colors and paint around.  Green, yellow, coral rose, prussian blue and cobalt teal blue as well, of course!                 New Art Works I’ve enjoyed a fabulous time creating dozens of new paintingsContinue reading “New Debi Riley Art”

Saturday! Silly Art Creations

Saturday is here!  Its Time.  Time for some silliness….. to create some wild and fun, even hilarious art!   No serious poker faces here today. Nope. Make a mess. Put a sheet down. Take it outside. Take it into the garage. Don’t let ‘Tidiness and Mess’  waggle their fingers at your precious artist within. NotContinue reading “Saturday! Silly Art Creations”

A Side Glance: Friday’s Photograph

A stunning pink and crimson gum blossom newly emerging. A dainty little caplet barely tipping off to the side. A charming and coy, “side glance.”   Side Glance – Attributes I like this photo because –    yes, it has pretty colors….  but it has  excellent edges.  Soft, medium and sharp Edges  –  where theyContinue reading “A Side Glance: Friday’s Photograph”

Rose, Gold and Green: A Colorful Window

Strolling along the lush tree lined, cool side streets of Balmain N.S.W.,  last month provided quite a few treasures. One of these was this jewel-like window, a stunning stained glass design of bright emerald and rose and garnet hues. The lovely golden topaz rectangular band anchored the design perfectly. Perhaps I edged a tiny bit,Continue reading “Rose, Gold and Green: A Colorful Window”

Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred

Watercolor that has gone through a twister, shaken – definitely not stirred. So Many ideas from several of my recent posts, have been germinating away. They’ve gone through a Ninja blender and then I’ve integrated them into one design.   Watercolor:  Shake It Up   The Underpinning  The post, Watercolour Landscapes Blue and Orange laid the foundation image.Continue reading “Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred”

Lovely Lines in Art

I love to see a balance of directional Lines in my compositions, photos, drawings and watercolor paintings.  The 3 directional lines are: Horizontal lines, Vertical lines and Diagonal lines. See if you can find these in the 3 images I’ve featured.   Design Element Lines After the previous post on the watercolor  3 basic typesContinue reading “Lovely Lines in Art”

Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism

In the leafy inner city suburb of Balmain, Australia the rich textures and patterns form a visual color field to rival Rothko, Turner, O’Keefe. I’m in artist’s heaven.  On a time clock, but even so,   oh my, its delightful! Doorway Amidst a Field of Cobalt in  Balmain, NSW   This door is all aboutContinue reading “Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism”