Control Freak – Pros and Cons

“Control”  Many of us, don’t like that word! But, Control in balance is a good thing.  It does have its assets and its liabilities.   Its about Control By nature, I’m a wee bit of a control freak. Maybe I’ve tried to deny it. Perhaps I’ve ignored it. But, I’m pretty sure, I am inContinue reading “Control Freak – Pros and Cons”

Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me. Floral Pattern Black and White Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based. It is an abstract, most definitely. And as such, I thought it would make a great design forContinue reading “Patterns In Black and White”

LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth

This year, 2016 was a lovely and rewarding year teaching at Atwell Gallery!     Tuesday’s students exceeded what we set out to accomplish. To learn many, more ways to bring forth their creativity.  To learn a wide variety of Fun, out of the box, print making by hand, techniques.   I was inspired byContinue reading “LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth”

Its A Walk In The Park

This, is how I see the world around me.  My vision, through my artist’s eyes. I was back in town with over an hour to spare. And once again decided to venture to King’s Park in Perth. Wondering what treats and surprises might await me…..this time!     King’s Park Perth, WA The flower seasonContinue reading “Its A Walk In The Park”

The Calm Call of White Space

White space in paintings and photos is a bit like white noise. How? They both help to create and foster a calm and peaceful ambience.  You can use white space to create better compositions and convey a story. If, … you want.     The Calm Restfulness of White There is a sense of peaceContinue reading “The Calm Call of White Space”