Colourful Textures of Sea, Sand, Sunset

Soft, nearly monochromatic colours combine with rich sandy textures and echo the loveliness of my seashore. It evokes the serenity I feel walking along the Western Australian beaches as the sun flares and sinks below the horizon. With the sun paling to a soft salmon peach I wanted to ensure my painting palette reflected theContinue reading “Colourful Textures of Sea, Sand, Sunset”

A Different Kind of Mountain to Climb

Gorgeous,  eye popping earth colours of yellow ochre, red ochre, sienna, burnt umber, buff titanium. All these were found just on one small bit of the rock I was climbing!     Design Elements in this photograph:   There is an inferred diagonal line from lower left to upper mid right,  that  can be ‘seen’Continue reading “A Different Kind of Mountain to Climb”

Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.”

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.”    Claude Monet   A marvelous and inspiring quote from Claude Monet, that had me reflecting one afternoon as I was sitting by the water. As the sun played upon the surface, 1000’sContinue reading “Claude Monet, “its simply necessary to love.””

Black and White: Bars with Some Curves

Bars with some curves. Shadowy figures with hands gripping rails,  lend intrigue to the monochromatic image with its flat planes and simple shapes.   With limited tones, the need for more dramatic shapes and textures to tell a story and create some type of interest has intensified. The horizontal lines, paired with diagonals help toContinue reading “Black and White: Bars with Some Curves”

Influencing The Viewer By Directing The Eye

People scan images constantly. Looking for pathways of least resistance. The easiest routes have no hard sharp edges that act as ‘shut gates’.   Upon A Hill has several  “open gates”    Soft Edges that allow the viewer’s  eye to easily travel up and through the image. This painting is very easy on the eyesContinue reading “Influencing The Viewer By Directing The Eye”

Hot Pink Bouganvillaea

Another Beauty from our Garden,  this hot pink bougainvillaea with magenta undertones has a lovely curving grace to her. Beautiful lines. Plenty of foliage greens to complement the hot pink flowers and the soft edges in the background serve to advance the flower even further into the front. Upon close inspection you can see theContinue reading “Hot Pink Bouganvillaea”

Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)

There is a wealth of untapped Power in the Line waiting for the beginner artist to learn to use. Lines are an intriguing and fascinating part of art design and is one of the most versatile tools the artist has to work with. The voice of a Line can whisper, beckon, gently guide, hug orContinue reading “Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)”