Monotype in Red

How to get more impact and drama into an art work? A fast and simple method is to use black and white, with red. Red, has Power!         This is the original monotype…. It is interesting.  Good design. Nice tonal values.  Good perimeter edges. But,  I do much prefer the impact ofContinue reading “Monotype in Red”

Patterns In Black and White

As much as I Love color….. sometimes black and white art images can appeal just as much to me. Floral Pattern Black and White Inspired by a vase overfilled with flowers, this monotype is completely pattern based. It is an abstract, most definitely. And as such, I thought it would make a great design forContinue reading “Patterns In Black and White”

Fun, Creative Art Presentation Options

Fun New ways to see things!  Thats the goal this year. More Creative Options  to shake things up.     Art Presentation I’ve created the art, now what?! Should I frame it, matt it, leave it?  What colors of matt? All these questions come into play and can be answered with a little Experimentation.  WithContinue reading “Fun, Creative Art Presentation Options”


  My picks for 2016 You may wonder where all my paintings are. But, what I found when I searched my 2016 images – with the word Magnificent in mind, surprised me. I felt there was a lot more “feeling” in my photographs this year than in my paintings. Maybe next year it will beContinue reading “Magnificent”

Curves and Colors: Abstracts

Curves in Art. This first painting with its graduating circles, curving in like a vortex, definitely leads the eye around and inward.   I’ve created 2  very different styles of abstracts, equally enjoyable for me. Both feature the Curve in their design. One is easier to ‘relax’ with while the other is a bit moreContinue reading “Curves and Colors: Abstracts”

Close Your Eyes, for just a moment

Too busy, too rushed. Its like this nearly every Holiday isn’t it? But here, is a wonderful thing I can do – so can you, to bring a moment of calm to the holiday hustle. Just… close your eyes.     Calm… Closing your eyes 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds. Of eyes closed. LettingContinue reading “Close Your Eyes, for just a moment”

LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth

This year, 2016 was a lovely and rewarding year teaching at Atwell Gallery!     Tuesday’s students exceeded what we set out to accomplish. To learn many, more ways to bring forth their creativity.  To learn a wide variety of Fun, out of the box, print making by hand, techniques.   I was inspired byContinue reading “LinoPrinting – Atwell Gallery Perth”

What Fun!

What Fun!   Inspired by lovely pinks, oranges, creams.  Petals. I had fun dissecting the rose petals, then layering and stacking them together. All the while wondering how I might create an abstract.  Inspired by roses. Yet, looking nothing like a rose. Nor even a flower.     But. The colors. Such gorgeous colors. ThisContinue reading “What Fun!”