Evocative Texture II

Colour, Tone and Texture play important roles in my art making processes. I want my Art to evoke a heartfelt response both within myself and the viewer. Using texture, tone and colour seem to work best for me to achieve that. Choosing subjects that are personal, those that I love and wish to tell aContinue reading “Evocative Texture II”

10 Tips for Landscape Foliage Greens – Revised

Landscape Foliage Greens. Most paintings generally will have 3 divisions of space:  background, middle ground and foreground.They will also typically need one single, Focal Point. This Focal Point will have the Most contrast and the Most details of my entire painting. Everything I do in my paintings –  hinges on the techniques and the knowledgeContinue reading “10 Tips for Landscape Foliage Greens – Revised”

Into The Light: Value of Tone

Success in any painting has meant that I have created adequate tonal value nuances of light and dark. When I find areas that seem ‘flat,’ without depth, not very interesting, without shape or form;  I always discover I have not created enough tonal variations in that area.     The very basic, minimum I canContinue reading “Into The Light: Value of Tone”


Loose bold free impressionistic watercolour mountains and hills!  Bold bright cobalt sky emphasizes the top of the hill providing a sense of heat, summer and sun to the landscape. Mountain in Blue is an inspired mix of cerulean blue, prussian blue with a bit of umber; then allowing some of the paint to drip downContinue reading “mountains”

What to Paint first?! Backgrounds

Many new painters wonder which part of the painting to start first. Often beginning with the focal point, or the foreground. However, this presents a dilemma for beginners, as then it becomes much more difficult to get the tonal values correct. As well as then its also much harder to obtain a smooth, seamless transitionContinue reading “What to Paint first?! Backgrounds”

Painting Foregrounds: Perspective Tips

Depth and perspective in paintings can be tricky at first for beginners. But it gets a lot easier when you know and follow a couple of logical and simple tips and guidelines.         Simplify The Subject   Break it up into simplified segments. Divide the scene into divisions of Background, Middleground andContinue reading “Painting Foregrounds: Perspective Tips”