Beauty Blossoms in Many Forms

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  A thought provoking Edgar Degas quote,  with the power to transform my art.   What do you see……. Light shining forth from the dark shadows?  or just a pink rose?   Beautiful in form, roses Roses involve nearly all of our senses. TheirContinue reading “Beauty Blossoms in Many Forms”

Ethereal at Dawn in the style of Charles Conder

Ethereal. Let me be completely honest!  It it is not exactly what I was aiming for this morning as I took the photographs. It began as I was  …………   Rereading my book Orientalism: Delacroix to Klee.   The book  opened to Charles Conder’s  Moonlight at Mustafa 1892 oil painting in which I felt the magicContinue reading “Ethereal at Dawn in the style of Charles Conder”

Black and White: Bars with Some Curves

Bars with some curves. Shadowy figures with hands gripping rails,  lend intrigue to the monochromatic image with its flat planes and simple shapes.   With limited tones, the need for more dramatic shapes and textures to tell a story and create some type of interest has intensified. The horizontal lines, paired with diagonals help toContinue reading “Black and White: Bars with Some Curves”

Depth: Shallow

  Photo taken late afternoon with Canon 600d,  Canon 5omm f1.8  ISO 200    1/640   (f3.5  chosen for shallow depth of field and  soft blurred background)   This post is perhaps a wee bit on the short side and   a bit  …..  “shallow”     after my last two lengthy  and  information packedContinue reading “Depth: Shallow”

Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Watercolour Beginners need good,  solid logical step by step, help and tips in getting started.  What can I suggest?   First of all,  a logical sequential ordered Learning plan is called for. Haphard reading of art books presents a problem of chaos for the watercolour beginner. In chaos most of us do not learn as easily.  AndContinue reading “Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started”

Watercolour’s Soft Impressionism

Watercolours are my ‘go to’ medium when going out and about to paint.  Light, easy, transportable!  Fantastic for loose impressionistic smaller images that capture  mood and soft atmosphere. I have found when I’m traipsing outdoors to paint, I prefer to use watercolours. They are so small and if need be,  I can get away withContinue reading “Watercolour’s Soft Impressionism”

3 Amazing Trees and Their Textures

Yet another walk with more treasures!  These 3 trees have such lovely colours and patterns, that after I went right past them I felt I needed to go back to have a second look.  Then the camera came out…… I loved how the golden green lichen encompassed the orange-sienna fungus creating a beautiful accent inContinue reading “3 Amazing Trees and Their Textures”

Mt. Rainier Washington State

Our family grew up in Washington state, the Evergreen state, home of Mt. Rainier. Prior posts, I may have mentioned a few times something about the ever-present grey skies and drizzle. I left out The Mountain.  Probably due to said clouds obscured it so often!   Mt. Rainier is surrounded by national and state forestsContinue reading “Mt. Rainier Washington State”

The Artist’s Eye: Photographs to Inspire

My artist’s eye is quick to see what my friends and family often miss. I imagine you can relate! The artist’s eye never slumbers, never pauses.  Throughout the day, all day long … its constantly searching….  for textures, colours, shapes, lines, patterns and tones. Maybe that explains why some are just a wee bit tiredContinue reading “The Artist’s Eye: Photographs to Inspire”

When The Crow Calls

When the crow calls, what does it mean?  I asked myself on my last bush walking adventure through the  park and through the swamp. Did I know if it was really a crow, or is it a raven?  Inquiring minds want to know so I’d better find out! After a morning of research on crowContinue reading “When The Crow Calls”