Its A Walk In The Park

This, is how I see the world around me.  My vision, through my artist’s eyes. I was back in town with over an hour to spare. And once again decided to venture to King’s Park in Perth. Wondering what treats and surprises might await me…..this time!     King’s Park Perth, WA The flower seasonContinue reading “Its A Walk In The Park”

The Calm Call of White Space

White space in paintings and photos is a bit like white noise. How? They both help to create and foster a calm and peaceful ambience.  You can use white space to create better compositions and convey a story. If, … you want.     The Calm Restfulness of White There is a sense of peaceContinue reading “The Calm Call of White Space”

Tantalising Tree Bark

Fun, Quirky and Addictive!  Yes, Tree Bark. Don’t you think that the Simple things in life should be enjoyed more?! The bark textures have a rough allure that pulls the eye and makes the hands itch to touch these living sculptures.     The Ancient.   The lovely red tingle tree has magnificent textured barkContinue reading “Tantalising Tree Bark”

Impressionist Watercolor Paintings

Two small impressionist watercolor landscape paintings. Both mounted onto the gorgeous, velvet surface of Stonehenge in black. But their formats and their use of edges are distinctive and unique from each other.   Impressions of the Land   Horizontal Format The Umber Fields with indigo feathered distant trees creates a calmer, more Contemplative scene. ItsContinue reading “Impressionist Watercolor Paintings”

The 3 Edges of Watercolor

Watercolors can be simplified into 3 basic edges soft, medium and sharp.  And the tricky edge… is of course the in between one.  Come on and I’ll explain a few fast beginner pointers that will help! Watercolor – Soft edges,  Medium edges, Hard edges Why should we care about watercolor edges?  What is the relevance?Continue reading “The 3 Edges of Watercolor”

From A Child’s Eye 1

Quail eggs from the perspective and the eye that only a child can have. Priceless. And something is learned from their unique observations.   How they see and use their art tools in such abandon just fills me with awe. Maybe a little bit of envy. Freedom, no rules – pure expression. A lovely thingContinue reading “From A Child’s Eye 1”

Art Is An Adventure

“To me art is an Adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risk.”  Mark Rothko Exactly.   More playing with photography this morning, thinking about contrasts and tone, line, texture, no colour.  Taking a risk.   A Rothko quote coupled with a black and white photograph!Continue reading “Art Is An Adventure”

In Silence, The Calla

Graceful Elegance.  The Calla Lily is filled with a rare and silent grace, a stunning beauty that hints of layers of contemplative depth.   Attributes of the Evocative Calla Lily   A flower with hidden depths and substance.  The smooth planes of whiteness create a sense of contemplation and purity and calmness. A flower thatContinue reading “In Silence, The Calla”

6 Fun Beginner Drawing Ideas

Who’s afraid of the big bad pencil?  Throw that pencil in the trash!  Using 6 different, creative types of tools can build your confidence, conquer the nerves, create a happier more relaxed you. That means better drawings!     Ever think ‘I can’t draw a straight line?’   Or, my lines go jerky and crooked? ThereContinue reading “6 Fun Beginner Drawing Ideas”