Impressionist Watercolor Hills

One painting – 3 views. It never ceases to delight me how with just a simple little change – a subject can be significantly altered. A tiny miracle within my grasp. I like it.     Watercolor Hills view 1 I’ve always been rather partial to the square format.     view 2 Panoramic  Continue reading “Impressionist Watercolor Hills”

Fine Forest Finds

Silly Saturday! From walking in the woods to fine forest finds, such lovely discoveries were made. Yesterday’s playful Daniel Smith watercolor mixings was so Fun! Looking at these patterns and colors of the bark and lichen – can You – come up with  “Color Recipes” to emulate?       Why don’t you give itContinue reading “Fine Forest Finds”

Color: With Naples Yellow

Naples Yellow is beautiful warm and balanced paint, created by Daniel Smith watercolors. I’ve decided after numerous purchases and experiments with other NY (Naples Yellow) colors that they were lacking in what I needed from my paints.  Clarity, mixability, lightfastness, consistency.   Color Mixing A brief review on some of the experiments I’ve done usingContinue reading “Color: With Naples Yellow”

for Love …of Color!

Every post, this week will have Love as the major theme. Yes, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Its only one day though. So, maybe a week long visit with Love, in its many beautiful and elegant forms will stir our imaginations,  hearts and our souls.       Starting with… for Love of Color. Of course!Continue reading “for Love …of Color!”

Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy

I can feel it begin to creep in. The edge of unharnessed energy. Tucked away, with no outlet at the present moment. This is a great sign! Its telling me, all those yellow flowers decorating the house…..have done their part in helping me recover. And lets not forget my wonderful family and friends who’ve jumpedContinue reading “Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy”